Most of the time, I choose to believe every thing they say. It makes life MUCH more fun.

We were working very hard in reading group yesterday, putting the finishing touches on our insect books.

We were discussing ants and Sam's head lifted as he shouted, "Hey! My dad works on a ant farm!"

"Really?" I asked.

"YEP!" he shouted happily.

"Sam, your dad works on an ANT farm?" I asked again, attempting to see if perhaps he wanted to change his story.

"Yep. He works on a ant farm. He feeds them, he takes care of them, and he walks them."

Suzy looked at him, her eyes growing wide. "Wow, " she said. "I've seen some pretty big ants. But I don't think I've ever seen any ants that big!"

I've decided to plan a field trip. To the ant farm. Anyone else in?


Laggin said...

I will drive all the way there for that one!

Brian Miller said...

yes my mind is wandering wondering how the ants tie in and what his dad must have said....

Anonymous said...

Count me in. We have some ants out back that I may bring along and drop off. At the VERY least, it'd be important for me to know how to walk them. Because I'll be walking them to another house.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm SO there!!!

I'm really hoping we can saddle up one of those bad boys and take a ride. :)

vinobaby said...

Perhaps he just watched Empire of the Ants--the cheesy 1970s flick where Joan Collins feeds bunch of unwitting real estate clients to the giant mutant ants. I'm not going. They made a freaky sound when they were about to strike.

Maybe they are part of the Apocalypse tonight?


Gigi said...

Now this I have to see! Count me in on this field trip.

Lynn MacDonald said...

Must be hard to work smushed between those two clear panes of plastic. I wonder if he digs tunnels for them.

Di said...

Crumbs - I'll swim the Atlantic from the UK to see THIS one :) I read your blog regularly Vodka Mum - I often laugh and sometimes I feel your sadness in you rpostings. This will pass honey. Hugs and best wishes, Di xx (Just gettin' me swimsuit outta mothballs....and no insects THERE!!)

Joanie said...

Count me in ! I gotta see this!

SkylersDad said...

I'll come with you, but only to see the branding go on.

Kenna Griffin said...

I too would like to come to the ant farm. I've been there before. My Dad works there too.

Shannon Bradley-Colleary said...

Favorite memory: Having a little ant colony in dirt in a mason jar. I could watch all their frenetic activity and play BAD GOD occasionally shaking the jar and turning it upside down. There may a been a flood or two. This was when my parents discovered I was a sociopath.

Anna See said...

i'd go! but i don't know if i'll fit between those little panes of plastic.

Anonymous said...

Can't an ant carry like 50 times their body weight? If these ants are big enough to put on a leash and walk, just think about how much work they can get done!

Leanne said...

Count me in!! I would love to work some ants ...

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'll bring my boys. I don't imagine they can think of anything better...

Mummy Jo Style said...

Haha! Kids say the funniest things! My 4 year old makes me laugh and cry every day!

anymommy said...

In! As long as I don't have to taste any ant milk.

Donna B said...

Those are very interesting...really. Have fun...I have to catch up on some sleep...

Dawn said...

Count me out!!
Me and ant farms don't mix!

Had I only known you could put them on leashes...

myfwbs said...

I will pass on this one, thank you. The thought of ants that big sort of freaks me out. I'd love to see the pictures though!

Magpie said...

I'm there.

Krystal said...

Where do I turn in my permission slip because I gotta see that one!

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