Notes to Self

When moving in the middle of winter - in the midst of a traumatic and heart-wrenching event, try to remember the following items:

1. The smaller push lawnmower - you MIGHT need it in the spring when the incredible yard that was blanketed by snow for the last four months finally grows at lightening speed. (It's a jungle out there, people. A jungle.)

2. The weed-whacker that knows you so well - you'll need it when incredible weeds surrounding said yard start growing at the same lightening speed. (It also doubles as an amazing edger which I could surely use right about now.)

3. The grill that you cooked all of your meals on from May until November. This isn't an item that one of your incredible bloggy friends might be able to fit into a care package.

4. All of the gardening tools that you used to maintain your incredible gardens, which will now probably sit, lonely in the shed until you are able to rescue them. (Okay, Captain, this year you MIGHT win the garden challenge. )

5. All of the perennials that you so lovingly tended for about 14 years, and are probably multiplying as we speak. If I leave a Miracle Grow trail, will they find their way to me? (Anyone know the "flower" whistle??)

As I sip my coffee this morning and gaze out my window at the tulips that are bending curiously towards the sun, I smile. I remember what Bitchy said yesterday.

"Oh God, Mom, stop it. Stop worrying about those other flowers and just start something new."

So today, with that wonderful kick in the ass, that is just what I am planning to do.