I got distracted by my need to laugh

I was trying to write a post about needing my dad to come dry my tears, when I decided I needed to smile. I remembered Mrs. Hughes.

I guess he did, in his own way, wipe them away.

(Watch until the end- you won't be sorry. Go for the echo.)


Leslie said...

Oh dear lawd...

I love this.

"Howard be thine name..."

luckeyfrog said...

Thanks. I'm a more recent subscriber to your blog, and hadn't read the post about your dad.

My dad died when I was 11 and he was 42, also of a sudden, massive heart attack. It certainly sucks.

I'm glad he could make you smile, one way or another.

RottenMom said...


There was an echo!

Unknown said...

((( hugs )))

Brian Miller said...

shes a hoot VM...glad you got your smile...

Sharon Rose said...

There should be a warning on her video to wear depends! Totally hilarious!

Linda said...

Gonna have to look up more of her! She's priceless! Thanks for the laugh--it always helps, eh?
Lurking Linda

That Janie Girl said...

Steve and I laughed so hard!!!

There's an echo!!

Suzy said...

I love Carol.

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Lynn MacDonald said...

that was awesome...and that's why i'll never do stand up. Too many funny people out there

Joanie said...

I love Mrs. Hughes so much, I bought her CDs!

Julie D said...

OMG I love her. I've posted this before!

Come to my blog and tell me your song....

Laura said...

No internet for me yesterday, but I REALLY needed this today. I think I'll be watching a lot more of Mrs. Hughes in the coming weeks...

Kyddryn said...

Thanks, sugar...I needed that. Wish I lived nearby you...I'd give ya a hug and a batch of brownies.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I could love this woman:)

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