Pass me a drink...

I'm spending time finishing report cards, grouping sheets, running records, portfolios, conferencing, cleaning up the classroom, treading water and basically losing my mind. (Frankly, I'd rather be sitting on my front porch listening to the cows discuss whose spots are bigger.)

Oh, and I might be giving away money. Wait, I AM giving away money! Check over here for a gift card to Dick's! (A hundred bucks, people.)

Now, where's my Gatorade?


Anonymous said...

I'm bringing vodka and wine and coming to sit with you on your porch!I enjoy talking to cows and with you, of course! Nana(sue's mom)

Anna See said...

The end of the year grind is relentless!! Hang in there. And then sleep for 3 days when you finally make it. xo

Magpie said...

so that's what cows talk about...

Sue said...

Love your porch, seriously! Your vodka made me thing of a drink I use to make. I called it my "Happy Snapple"! I use to dump part of a diet pink lemonade Snapple out and pour a little vodka in. Wow, I just realized I've missed my "Happy Snapples! And you can take them anywhere!!

Take care, Sue

Jill said...

Ever notice how "Frank's" name seems to make it into most of your posts? :)

Happy sanity searching! When you find some, please pass it my way!

Dawn said...

Ahhh... THAT insanity was last week for me! Started summer school today. Not insane yet. Ask me again in 4 weeks. :)

Shannon Bradley-Colleary said...

I think porches are overrated. Any impromptu sex might be witnessed by passersby. Swings are known to break under the weight of one too many fried Oreo cookies. Porches make people think you're friendlier than you are. Huh ... I think I need that pink lemonade vodka thing Sue was talking about.

Pastor Sharon said...

I always wondered if there was competition over who had the biggest, best, smallest or prettiest spots.

Captain Dumbass said...

I had a comment, but then I noticed Shannon's comment about fried Oreos and now I can't think of anything else.

Anonymous said...

Though I can see a fast life in your schedule, I would love to hit your porch discussing stuff with a glass of vodka and cranberry during a sunny noon..!! Love your blog and posts:))) Enjoy each moment of this craziness! giving money??

Ann Imig said...

I like how you cleaned up over here! Been thinking about you and hoping you're spending a lot of time gardening.


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