Everything must go. And I mean everything.

When the going gets tough, the tough have yard sales.

But no one wanted the lucky penny.

I wonder why.


Mellodee said...

The penny may not have been lucky, buy your shoes were sure pretty!!

tamilyn said...

I was going to make a comment about not offering the wedding ring with the shoes, but the photo just made me a little sad.


That Janie Girl said...

Girl, I'm sorry you're having to go through this!

Brian Miller said...

its all about product placement VM...anything you place in a used shoe will not sell...just saying...and hey you are worth far more than a lucky penny...

hope the sale went well for you...and may everything you let go of now be returned to you tenfold...

Lynn MacDonald said...

Hope the sale went well!!!

Anonymous said...

We must have had our weddings around the same year. My (unlucky) penny was in an eerily similar pair-o-shoes. I gave my wedding ensemble to my best friend's daughter to use as a Bride of Frankenstein dress.

Hope you sold a lotta stuff. xo

Anonymous said...

I liked the way you opened your post...the things look gr8..wish I cud buy a couple of them..especially the shoes...pretty ones though!

Mr. Halpern said...

NOT the lava lamp! Dear Lord, please NO!

noexcuses said...

Hope all went well at the sale! I'm thinking of doing the same in a few weeks. I will devote a whole weekend to my 19 year-old's room!

God Bless you!

Leslie said...

Humor and vodka...it's the only way to survive this stuff, right? Here's wishing I could directly deliver you a well-mixed beverage.

Casey Freeland said...

I'll take the monitor. :D

Joanie said...

I gave my wedding ring and engagement ring to my daughter to sell for a down payment on a car.

Megan said...

Sending you so much love you might not be able to stand it.

love ... and a set of dentures to sell.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh, my heart just sank a little bit.

Hope you cleaned up at the garage sale.

xo jj

Shannon Bradley-Colleary said...

When the fireman who wouldn't marry me moved out I had to sell the hooker I found in our bed at a yard sale.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

I'm so sorry, Vodka.

p.s. May I borrow your folding tables? :)

shrink on the couch said...

I might have had those very same wedding shoes! Did they hurt like crazy? Omg, my feet were so sore by the end of the night. Throbbing sore.

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