My cat is NO help whatsoever...

This is what Munchie does. ALL DAY LONG.

He's preparing for the FOUR HOURS that he spends taunting the dog, Junior, into chasing him around the house ALL NIGHT LONG.

I'm back in the crazy bin.


Brian Miller said...

mine has a similar routine...out all night sleeps all day...what a life eh?

Sue said...

He looks just like my Sparky! After working with my customers all day, I feel like curling up into a ball as well! Maybe grab a Corona or two on the way. Working retail can be a bitch! But never boring.

Take care, Sue

Everyday Goddess said...

so cute!

reminds me of our favorite movie, Babe.

bisous, ma cherie.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

that's his job!

smiles, bee

hi! ps

Christine said...

Wish I could sleep like that, can't help but tease a cat when he sleeps like that.

Vodka Mom said...

i LOVE HIM. He's lazy now, and FAT, but i love him all the same.

Jenean said...

My cat Hank, wishes me to tell you that is not sleeping, that is cat yoga...that is the sofa pillow pose. he himself prefers the round throw rug pose.

Sharon Rose said...

He is so stinkin' cute!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Don't you wish you could curl up on the couch like that?

G. B. Miller said...

My cat is pretty much the same way, only she tortures the dog about once a month or so.

Has taken to exploring the great outdoors as of late.

noexcuses said...

Oh, to be 21 again!!! Those were the days, no?

Notes From ABroad said...

Pup misses having a cat.
I will send you a photo of Pup and you can show it to the Cat and tell him Pup will come play while you are away .. that'll perk up Kitty ..

Notes From ABroad said...

<< Vodka Mom said...
i LOVE HIM. He's lazy now, and FAT, but i love him all the same.>>

How many wives have said this ?

Anne said...

lovin' what aBroad says!

Alexandra said...

Someone has my dream life.

Leslie said...

Cat yoga. That was funny.

Robotic Palletizing said...

I have a cat, too, and she always sleeps in these weird positions like this one... I often wonder HOW on EARTH some of them are comfortable, but she seems to love it!

Air Purifiers said...

Oh my goodness soooo cute! His coloring is amazing, and he looks so soft. I miss having a cat, my apartment doesn't allow them. :(

Therapist New York said...

My cat does the same thing, lies around all day and then acts like a jerk for a few hours then goes back to sleep, then wakes me up at 5 am and wants to hang out and play, then when I have to get up for work he decides to go to sleep. Haha, cats! I can't figure out if I'm a dog or cat person, I love how loyal and loving dogs are but I like how independent and snide cats are- guess I identify with them more!

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

Pretty kitty, what breed is he? He looks like one of those exotic breeds, my friends' sister had one and I forget what they were called but her cat was soft and gorgeous.

Backup Camera said...

I love when cats sleep like that, or when they lay out and stretch their paws toward their owner like they want cuddles (of course then you try to pet or cuddle them and they give you a dirty look and move). Lol

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS! i have the most wonderful cat in THE WORLD. whatever he does facinates and enthralls me to the point i realize i cannot explain this to a human being. HA HA!

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