If The Bloggess can do it, why can't I? (aka The List.)

These next two days will be crazy. (Well, crazier...)

I'm preparing Sassy AND Bitchy for returns to their respective universities, and as many of you know, this involves MORE laundry, packing, shopping, fighting, packing, more laundry, more fighting, and other stuff I can't even remember. I'm also preparing my heart and soul, as this almost empty house will do its best to bring me to my knees.

In the meantime, I must have found time to do other things. And, in the true spirit of all that is The Bloggess, I am posting the "Crap I did this week" list. (Only my list isn't as glamorous or nearly as lucrative as hers.

I posted a book review for The Kid here on BlogHer. (That book is NOT for the faint of heart. And I have one available for someone's best offer. Or address.)

I left a few suggestions for parents here (Although why ANYONE would listen to me, I'll never know...)

I have a winner for this contest over here...just scroll to the bottom of the post. (My @$$ is still hurting from that scooter, and pretty soon I'll look like a teenager again. Maybe.)

I've done a billion loads of laundry. In fact, I received a letter in the mail from the water company (who is located NEXT DOOR TO MY HOUSE) telling me that I might want to check for leaks, because I am using a unusually LARGE AMOUNT of water. I walked next door and told them I have two daughters in college who were home for the summer. Their reply? "Enough said."

And now I'm off to the consignment shop to sell anything I can get my hands on so I'll have enough money to pay for the GAS it will take to deposit said daughters into their new homes. Just another reminder that I am indeed NOT the Bloggess.

She's probably got a driver...


Anonymous said...

hi there I have a 5 year old lil girl, Maddie starting Kinder tomorrow and she has Spina BIifda in a wheelchai, has accidents with pitty issues, but smart as a whip, any suggestions on how to help her stay away from being a victim of bullying, or what u have seen with handicap students from teachers pespective??


Anonymous said...

potty issues not pity issues!!

Brian Miller said...

hope the respective dropping off of the girls goes well...what are you going to do with yourself after that? smiles.

Expat mum said...

I'm about to drop my eldest off at college for the 1st time ever. (I may need some hand-holding.) I wish she'd get up the energy to have an argument or two but she seems to think that we can sort through all her possessions and pack them next Wednesday night - when she comes back from a last night out with her friends. Sigh.

SkylersDad said...

Good luck with getting the girls off to college. If they work really hard, they may just turn out 1/2 as awesome as their mom.

Gigi said...

I read Sapphire's first book - and OH BOY! You aren't kidding; it wasn't for the faint of heart - and I'm sure this one isn't either. But can she "move" you!

Sharon Rose said...

Hey mama,
You know my address right? I'd love a copy of the book to read.

And. . . I'll be there the day after the girls leave for college with my dirty laundry.

That way you won't have to feel like anything has changed. Oh, and I'll bring scrapbook stickers to put on the furniture. See, it'll be like the days of summer.

Love you♥

MaryBeth said...

I took my youngest to college last weekend, even though the 3 older brothers are here the house feels empty. No one to argue with, the older brothers all learned long ago not to argue with mom, the youngest never will.
Hope the girls have a great year.

Unknown said...

Soon you'll be back to school...a whole new class! Who'll stand out? Who'll step up to be the "Frank", the "Stan"? I bet you, like the rest of us, can't hardly wait!

Ahhh Back To School!
Not gonna lie to you girl...the sleeping in has gotten good to me!

fossette said...

I'd be happy to buy your book off of you. They just closed our only bookstore in town :(