It's not always glitter and tissue paper flowers in kindergarten.

We've been in our new school for 7 years.

The kindergarten children have been climbing and playing on the still almost-new jungle gym in our playground every single day. They climb it, they hang from it, they swing on it, and they play various games underneath it with nary a mishap.

Until today.

And while our little fella is preparing for surgery on his broken leg, I am planning various centers so that his classmates can send him cards and letters. We will talk again about how to safe on the playground, and what to do in an emergency.

And I will sit under that jungle gym with a huge net for the rest of the year. My heart can't take another visit by the ambulance.


FRANNIE said...

Oh my! It all fun until someone pokes an eye...

Kids are tough, he'll bounce right back and have an awesome story to tell for the rest of the year.

Lynn MacDonald said...

If my kids had been there, you would have been so used to broken bones that it wouldn't have phased you...AT ALL!!

Hope he's ok.

Raquel's World said...

Awww, well it happens.
The grass is so pretty on the play ground. Just so ya know!

Deb said...

-->I dropped my son off at Pre-K yesterday and when I was saying goodbye in the classroom realized his uniform elastic waist shorts were on backwards. He was too busy with a puzzle to remedy the situation. I found his very "seasoned" teacher and said, Troy has his pants on backwards and ... I was interrupted by her full on LAUGH OUT LOUD. Then I laughed with her and said, he seems to be comfortable with it if you are. Maybe he can change later when he's in the bathroom.

Brian Miller said...

oh goodness...scary moment...hope the little one bounces back...and you too...smiles.

Sue said...

Oh, how sad! Boys, they are busy, I know that for a fact. I went to pick up my little granddaughter Riley at kindergarden yesterday. Her teacher invited me in the room and we talked, and looked at everything Riley had done. She gave me some papers to help Riley write her name. Mrs.Barnett is an awesome teacher. She reminded me of you!!

Take care, Sue

Joanne Noragon said...

My olest daughter (currently 46) had grade school stitches for a swing to the head and high school stitches for a stray basketball cart. She always considered them adventures. It may be way worse for the teacher, although I seem to remember stern remonstrances from the authorities, way back when.

SkylersDad said...

I fell off the monkey bars when i was in grade school and landed directly on my head. I was knocked out for about 5 minutes, during which time my fellow grade schoolers rubbed dirt on my head to help stop the bleeding!

Safety first!

MaryBeth said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that!
We have state of the art rubberized playground flooring and the same thing happened to one of the boys in the next class. Broke his femer - been in the wheel chair for 6 weeks. Today he went back to the Dr. and will start physical therapy if everything has healed...
Freak accident - nothing anyone did wrong. We play on those monkey bars everyday and they jump and fall and have a blast.
Hope your little fella is OK and will be back with you soon.
I think this calls for some vodka!

Working Mommy said...

Oh my!! I don't know what I would do if one of mine broke a limb...but kids will be kids and things will happen. Hope things go okay!


Lori said...

As an EMT, I know these things happen. Hope the little tyke is okay, and sees it as an adventure.

Scope said...

I remember our jungle gym from grade school. You weren't allowed to jump off the TOP of it, but from one row down? That's why there's pea gravel under it, I guess.

And look at me. I turned out LOOK! SQUIRREL!!!!


abc said...

Oh, how scary! Poor little guy...though I'm sure he'll be so excited to show off his cast and tell everyone and anyone the whole story. I'm sure these things are more traumatic for the adults than the kids!

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