The mailman cometh...(All the way from Maine...)

Most days I come home from school and find my mailbox stuffed with various items.

Typically the items are bills from crazy people wanting money.  People like, say, the power company, the water company, the trash company, the phone company, the lawyer company, the insurance company, the credit card companies, the oil company, the child support/spousal support company, the company I borrowed money from to pay the other companies and others I'm too exhausted to mention.

But, once in a while, I get something that helps me sleep at night without worrying about all the above-mentioned companies.

Thank you Maine Made Superior Vodka Company.   Today, you made my mailbox smile.   

And I for one needed a lift right about now.  (If it only held million dollar doubloons, then my life would be just about perfect.)

I've tried vodka's from MANY vodka companies- and of course the brands I like to try decrease in cost and quality when I farther into the month.  For example, on the 29th of every month, I'm either buying the vodka on the BOTTOM shelf in the vodka department - or dropping in unexpectedly at my best friend's house. (Well, she pretty much expects it now, but I still like to think it's a surprise.)

This particular vodka (Twenty 2 vodka) from Maine was EXQUISITE!   In fact, when I invited said best friend AND her husband over for the taste test, they found it to be a close, close match to what they have in their house.  (honk, honk - if you get my drift.)

And so I've decided that I either have to MOVE to Maine, or find some pretty great friends who are willing to ship me this liquid gold weekly.

Any takers??


Roshni said...

Cheers!!! :)

Gigi said...

Oh wow! I wonder when the mailbox fairy will leave a bottle of chardonnay for me....


Brian Miller said...



Sue said...

Now that what's I call "mail"!! What a beautiful bottle too! Bottoms up!


noexcuses said...

Salud! Nice package! Enjoy!

Suzy said...

When I first saw the box and the angle of it I thought it was sitting on the floor, so it appeared large.

When I saw the bottle I assumed it was 3 feet tall and thought now THAT'S a bottle of vodka!

MaryBeth said...

How do they know where to find you-these vodka people?

So. Cal. Gal said...

Bummer, I was hoping for a leg lamp.

Mrs BC said...

That IS a pretty cool thing to get int he mail. Nice one!

♥ Braja said...

on the rocks, baby....

Ivanhoe said...

Ooooohlalalaaaa! That bottle looks very pretty :)
Was it good? ;)

Kate Hanley said...

So jealous! But seriously, good for you.

DawnA said...

Oooo pretty! And probably yummy.

josetteplank.com said...

Holy smokes!! Booze by mail! I live in Pennsylvania, so the concept is as foreign to me as not having the Monday after Thanksgiving off to do deer hunting!

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful said...

Oh my darling fellow tippler -- how else are we supposed to deal with the bill collectors that constantly pillage the fortress of our financial chastity if not to drown our sorrows in a lovely single malt scotch. Or rubbing alcohol.

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