Six days is entirely too long to be away from these people.

The kids ran into school smiling, eager to share every single detail of their Thanksgiving Break.  I welcomed them with open arms, having sorely missed their smiles and unconditional love.  They filled me with tales of turkey dinner, grandmas and grandpas, trips on planes and swimming in motel pools.  I was totally disausted ten minutes later, and shooed them into the classroom to take care of their morning housekeeping duties.

Sasha was a bit late as her bus is typically the last one to drop off students.  She smiled, hung up her jacket and grabbed onto me for a big, big hug. 

“I missed you SO SO much, Sasha! Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?” I asked with a smile.

“YES!” she exclaimed with a little jump into the air.   And then she stood still and quickly frowned, remembering something very important.

“Well, I am also mad cause Santa didn’t bring me ANY presents!”


I looked at her. “Wait, is it January?  Did I miss Christmas completely?”  I turned to Ms. Perky, “Oh God I really DO have dementia.”