She sells Christmas trees by the sea shore. Or something like that.

I felt a tug on my sleeve this morning, and turned to see Jennie smiling from ear to ear. 

“I know a tit-muth tong.”  She said.

“Say that again Jennie?”

“I THAID, I know a tit-muth tong.”

“Oh, wait!  A CHRISTMAS song!  Christmas!  Whew.  What song is it, Jennie?”

“Oh Tit-muth tee.”

I have nothing else to say. 


Sue said...

Thank you for making me laugh! That truly is a great one!


Everyday Goddess said...

does she want her two front teeth for tit-muth?

remember that oldie but goodie??


Vickie said...

And this is why God made five-year-olds. To make jaded old people smile. Thanks.

Dawn said...

OMG!!! Freakin HILARIOUS!!

Brian Miller said...

oh i thought you said tit muth thong...very well lets sing...

Mellodee said...

And a Merry Tit-muth to you...and Jennie! lol!

Charmaine said...

I can't say anything clean here. I'm too politically incorrect. ahhh.


Mya Maternity said...

That is hilarious. Kids can always make us laugh. Cute.

Sandra said...

I think nothing more needs to be said. That pretty much says it all: tit-muth tree. You do realize, I'll never say the word Christmas the same way. Ever.

Anonymous said...

This totally confirms my theory...God gave us the teenage years because if they stayed as precious as this little one we would keep them forever! love ya!

Anonymous said...

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Notes From ABroad said...

Oh how sweet ... my son was not a lisper but had trouble with his R's .. wabbit ..
We had such fun asking him to tell us a story.
Ahhhh, the good old days, when all they do is make you smile.

Gia said...

Hahahahah. Now every time that song comes on I'm going to go 'oh titmuth teee, oh titmuth tee, how etta gween yer bwanches..."

JoAnna said...

It's posts like this that sometimes make me regret not teaching kindergarten!

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