Cowards die many times before their deaths The valiant never taste of death but once...(Bill Shakespeare)

As we sit upon our couches dreaming of the victorious years, our hearts go out to the family of a legend.

We wait, with a glimmer of hope, and pray that the specter that reaches out in the middle of the night waits a bit longer before claiming the soul of a man we have loved for a very, very long time.

We send prayers to his children, his wife, and those who have wrapped him in love all these many years.  May the next part of your journey be incredible...


Anonymous said...

Sit on our coaches? I do love me some Freudian slippage.

Vodka Mom said...

coaches?? I blame the vodka.

Brian Miller said...

hmm is he really dead? the family said about an hour ago that he was still alive...

Japolina said...

Sad, sad end.

Vodkamom, I've posted a mom dilemma on my blog. If you have a second, could you stop by and weigh in? Thanks.

Alexandra said...

I know.

My husband and I were just talking about this.

A lifetime of coaching good coaching, to go down with this last part of his life.

Horrible. HOrrible.

LOVE the shakespeare quote: chills.

Pent-Up Photos said...

Beautiful tribute, my friend!

Jen T said...

Love your blog, but I'm a little surprised that as a teacher who works with children you would write something like this.

Kathleen said...

While normally I wouldn't be caught quoting any writer for Yahoo, Dan Wetzel had the following to say,

"Paterno reached too many, taught too many, inspired too many. And for years and seasons, for decades and generations to come, those that drew from his wisdom will pass it on and on. That will be his most lasting legacy. No, his worst day can’t be forgotten. Neither can all the beautiful ones that surrounded it."

To me this summed it up best. Rest in Peace Joe Pa.

Sharon Rose said...

You did this well, Grasshopper!

I pray he found peace. His legend will live one forever. I believe some can die from a broken spirit. I'm not so sure the recent events didn't break his. He was placed in a precarious situation.

You did well, my friend.

MaryBeth said...

Praying for his family - and all the faithful.

One mistake does not sum up a man's life, but it can tarnish his legacy.


Beautiful post.

Nursejoan said...

"For the glory of old State" . . .
Rest in peace, JoePa.

Smart Mouth Broad said...


Caroline said...

I am ... conflicted by this. I am sure he did much good for many people. I am equally sure that the horrible situation that unfolded in his last year hastened his demise, and that's sad. But he did play a part in the horrible situation, and that is part - not all, but a big part - of his legacy. If we take a legacy from him, it should be twofold: 1) education is as much a part of being a student-athlete as a game; and, 2) we all are responsible for the young ones.

Just Words On A Page said...

VM - Please know that I too love your blog, however, I am disagreeing with your post. As an individual who works with both parents and children I was surprised that as a teacher who works with children as well you would write something like this.

I am sure this guy was loved by his family, the students he taught etc.. however, he made poor choices by not protecting those children who can't advocate for themselves and I am sure who were terrified by the abuse that happens to them.

We only focus on the actual perpetrator - the person who actually committed the physical crime when we should also move our attention to those that cover up such crimes and don't do the right thing by a child.

I am sorry he died. But he didn't die a hero in my eyes. There are victims that are still suffering because of what happened to them and I am sorry he didn't do enough to protect them.

crazymomof4 said...

rest in peace joe. you will be missed...

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