A hot bath and a glass of wine - it's like peanut butter and jelly. Only way better.

The top five reasons I took a glass of wine to my bathtub at 7:45 tonight: 

1.     We sang “Sing about Martin” at least a thousand times today. Then I spent fifteen minutes persuading Jack that singing “Jingle Bells Batman Smells” was STILL not appropriate in kindergarten. 
2.    We played a rousing game of four corners, and after closing my eyes and counting to twenty I opened them to discover that I was holding a plastic tiger by the tail. I didn’t even KNOW I had a plastic tiger in the room.  (I am losing my mind.) 
3.    It took me ten minutes to convince Sally that we don’t say “Hell to the No” in kindergarten. (And especially not to the teacher.)
4.    After teaching the kids that camels can close their nostrils in order to keep the sand out, I watched George spend his “craft time” trying his hardest to keep his own nostrils shut.  It was not pretty.
5.    Bryce decided to moon the jam-packed cafeteria today after he emptied his lunch tray.  He claims the devil made him do it.   

Today?  The kids won;  hands down. 


Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

The kids may have won earlier, but wine and bath trumps everytime! Enjoy, girl!

Wendy said...

Ah, yes. Now I remember why I stopped teaching.

Unknown said...

In Kindergarten what you see is not always what you get!

Her and the Boys said...

I would do a hot bath with a glass of wine even on a good day. Another suggestion when you have a tough day...try a beer in the shower..works for me.

Joanna Jenkins said...

After a day like that, I think I'd have taken the entire bottle with me.

You are GOOD!
xo jj

Scope said...

I think it was more like an imp, not the Dark Lord himself.

Brian Miller said...

i could think of other reasons to take wine to the bathtub...

but these will do...smiles.

Joan said...

I took wine to the bathtub tonight because earlier today I had a colonoscopy. The bathroom was not so nice to me last night. It was like getting back together after a bad fight.

Anonymous said...

A wine in the bathub is a great idea any night, but it certainly sounds like you earned that one!

Kindy kids are little darlings... at least to someone who doesn't work with them all day.

MaryBeth said...

Did you really close your eyes and count to 20?

Brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Hope you also have some good associations with wine - after all its nectar of the gods and not all gods did all bad things!

Just curious, I try to fit new knowledge into a conversation during the day so I have a chance to remember it. I am a little stymied for a lead-in for how camels can close their nostrils to keep sand out. . . .
faithful follower

WeaselMomma said...

Forget the wine, that day called for bourbon!

SkylersDad said...

I'll bet you tried to close your nostrils in the bathtub, didn't ya?

Shannon said...

Send George to Kathie Lee Gifford. She has apparently figured out how to do this. Seriously I saw it on Jon Stewart

Japolina said...

Thanks for the laugh. I was just thinking about my two teens and their lackluster performance in middle school this quarter and for some reason this post cheered me up. I wonder why?

LindaS said...

Gee, I thought MY kids were screwy. They're in high school, so I expect some difficult behavior.

Can you imagine what they'll be like in high school? I'm glad I'm retiring before then.

Rima said...

I absolutely love that age. They are so hilarious!

That Janie Girl said...

Girl. I love your stories!

Jane said...

How do you play four corners? I'm a First Grade teacher and I think I need to know that.

the mama bird diaries said...

You deserved that wine!

Alexandra said...

Made me laugh.

I had a kid on Friday offer me 9 dollars to let him eat his dessert first.

"I don't want your nine dollars, Tommy, I want you to eat your sandwich."

Anonymous said...

I've started randomly shouting out "Hell to the no!" in my office. I'm a financial planner. People dont expect it

Sharon Rose said...

Well, shut the front door. I have heard it all!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Cheers, my friend!

Ms. W said...

I have had many days like that, but what made me laugh the most was when you wrote that Bryce decided to moon the jam-packed cafeteria because the devil made him do it. About four years ago a student pulled his pants down in Art... and showed every child his frontal parts....his excuse, "His brain was getting hot" So now it is confirmed to me that boys and mens brains are in their pants and not in their heads like women. Enjoy the wine!

classesncamps said...

cheers friendzzzz!!!!!!

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