A word a day keeps the tears at bay. (aka Kids are the best medicine ever.)

Word of the Day:  


arousing revulsion or strong indignation.  Mostly, makes you sick;  "When Bryce pulled down his pants is was agustin!!!"

agustingly  adverb
agustidness noun

Assignment:  Use at least a thousand times tonight.   Or five.


Japolina said...

when i read this, I laughed so hard that diet coke flew out of my nose. It was agustin.

Dorothy said...

I always thought it was bisgustin. My bad.

Dawn said...

The spoiled yogurt the my son spilled all over me was agustin... so is smelling like sour milk.

Brian Miller said...

give 'em 10-12 years and see what they think...smiles....cute VM

Alexandra said...


I work in a day care, and those kids make me go home with a smile on my face.

The other day, little 4 yr old Tommy offered me 9 dollars (in whispers) if I didn't make him finish his sandwich.

Anonymous said...

I always knew there was a right word for those situations - I am so ready to have this word available, (laughing).
faithful follower

Notes From ABroad said...

I used to know a little boy who was known to say that eating zucchini was ex gustin ...

Gina said...

I just burst out laughing! I will use that word...

Kendra said...

It's not agusting in our house...my 4yo says distusting. He also says he wants to watch tv in our rigging room. Who knew!

quiltmom anna said...

OMG- that is too funny - it is one of the best words yet- especially describing the boy sans pants.
Thanks for the great laugh...

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