She comes in with a bag full of surprises. (But some of them give me a headache..)

I never know what she will bring with her to school each day, and I look forward to every bit of it with great anticipation and a tiny drop of dread.

She’s no bigger than a minute, incredibly gorgeous already and full of spit and vinegar.  Frankly (and no, I’m not talking about my dog) she reminds me a tad bit of the tiny version of myself. 

She, along with several other children, attend what we call “the number club” at the end of the day.  They go with the learning support teacher (for only a few minutes) and practice numbers and number sense in the hopes that we can bring them up to speed by the end of the year.

Today their departure was coinciding with our recess and Sasha was livid.  “Do NOT GO OUTSIDE!” she turned and yelled at us as they unhappily exited the room.

“I won’t!  We’ll wait for you!”  I assured her.

Then, as they walked down the hall we instructed the children to clean up and prepare for recess.  (Yeah, I know.)

They bundled up and went outside with the other classes, teachers and my pre-student teacher.  I stayed behind to furiously pack folders and clean the paper, glue, glitter, crayon and marker explosion that occurs daily.   I was wiping off a table when I heard a faint yelling coming from the hallway. I lifted my head to see Sasha come barreling into the room dragging the special teacher behind her. I had forgotten that their room had a bird's eye view of the playground.

“YOU LIED!    YOU LIED!” She yelled furiously.  “You said they would WAIT for ME! You lied!!”

“We just went out Sasha.” I tried to say calmly.  “We knew you were coming in two minutes, and we JUST went out.” 

But she was not be placated.   She turned to get her coat and yelled, AGAIN, “YOU LIED TO ME!” 

Then she looked at the special teacher, threw her hands in the air and yelled, “What kind of place IS THIS, anyway??” 

I laughed as she ran out, and then sat on the table and thought.  Well, it’s the kind of place where your teacher will say and do anything to help you learn. And she might not always make the right decisions.  But each and every one is made with love.

Lots and lots of love.

(Yeah, I’m bringing in treats tomorrow.  Sometimes, just sometimes,  the teacher needs to make amends…)


Fragrant Liar said...

Yeah, you do! Sasha called you on it! They better be good treats!


Anonymous said...

They are so very lucky to have you even though you tell little fibs every once in a while !

p.s. when I try to comment using my wordpress account I can't

Vodka Mom said...

I'm not sure what the wordpress issue is! I am so sorry. And yeah, I am making cookies as we SPEAK.

Scope said...

YOU didn't go outside, so I think you taught her a lesson in being PACIFIC.

Laura said...

First, I love what Scope said!

Second, which is really first, I've missed you!! I used to read you faithfully, then the military moved us to a new place, and my whole life's order is completely rearranged. So the small handful of blogs I used to read daily are a rare occurrence. I'll have to subscribe to you, and see if I can read you that way!

My sweet DD won your Fancy Nancy contest many months back, and she's still a fancy Nancy of her own, AND she gave her Nancy doll and herself very *fancy* hair trims with scissors this year... Now my husband has been away for nearly seven weeks (just over three to go) for military training, and I'm alone in a fairly new land with five kids aged 2-10...joy.

Anway, you poppped into my head today, so I'm going to catch up as much as I can, and I just wanted to thank you for the laugh!!

MaryBeth said...

Work on your wording - I'll wait for you wouldn't be lying...

Brian Miller said...

do we get treats too?

Unknown said...

Ha ha sounds like one of my little sweeties!

tattytiara said...

Well you got told. I'm sure she'd at least appreciate knowing that you took notes.

Anonymous said...

I am with Sasha on this one - surely the adults involved can adjust the timing a bit . . .

Everyone needs recess time - no exceptions . . .

Apology with a cookie is definitely in order . . .

You do get credit for staying behind to take the heat - and staying in the kitchen to make cookies is a good way to make amends . . .

faithful follower

Delish Dish in the Kitch! said...

She sounds like a version of Junie B. Jones. And to clarify? I'm 40. And I love Junie B. Jones. Please don't get all *judgey* & stuff.

Great post.

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