Oh Frank, if you were to marry Sasha some day, ALL my dreams would come true...

At the end of the day we use little white boards and wipe off markers to practice math problems.  It takes about 10- 15 minutes depending upon how long I can keep the natives captivated.  (Which is NOT LONG…)

I have a silver ring that holds cards filled with cool word problems that the kindergarten teachers across the district created a couple of years ago. I adore them, and so do the kids.  (Well, they claim they do, and I tend to believe them.)

 “Okay guys, you know the drill.  Write the problem on your board using symbols, tally marks or numbers: whatever works for you.  But don’t show ANYONE your answer until I say “BRING IT”, right?  Right.”

We warmed up with some traditional problems of adding numbers together, and then I threw in some challenging ones.

“Okay kids, here’s a tough one…there were eight girls on the swing and ‘some’ left.  Then, there were five girls on the swings.  How many girls left?”

Sasha thought for a while and SHOUTED with a proud smile,  “SOME!”

Well.   There you go.

(She WAS right, after all. She certainly was…)


Scope said...

Sharp as a whip, that one.

Brian Miller said...

top of her class...at least you know she is listening to you....smiles.

Mellodee said...

Sasha is good, but she's no Frank. You know Frank would have given you a 10 minute oral presentation (with charts) proving that the answer to your question was 37!

Vodka Logic said...

I agree with Mellodee..

How I love your school stories, thanks for the chuckle

McKenna said...

Well you can't go wrong with that answer.

Anonymous said...

I can adore Sasha with her quick calculations - of just how much fun it is to make the teacher and everyone else take a break for humor!

Is she picking up on some role modeling somewhere? Just wondering . . . .
faithful follower

Mrs. E said...

I think that girl might always be right. You might as well give it up. You've got nothing on Sasha and Frank!

That gentleman's lady said...

Haha! Best answer!

Roshni said...

love it!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm liking Miss Sasha :-)
xo jj

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