I wanted to schedule a c-section, but they talked me out of it. (Had one ANYWAY. Won't say I told you so...but.....)

Sassy??  I can't believe that it’s your birthday.   AGAIN.  (Sweet Lord in Heaven.)

It's your birthday, and yet, we are in a hazy, painful place we never thought we’d be. You are handling it with grace, courage and dignity - and for that I salute you. 

I celebrate the day you were born.  I celebrate the day you ripped your leg wide open, the day you broke that field hockey ball in half, the day you confided in me about your stalker - the day we went to court and the day we sat on the couch playing scrabble laughing until we cried.  All those moments fill my heart and lift me up every single day. 

I celebrate every precious, crazy, painful, wonderful moment that I’ve been able to call you mine.

 I pray each night that I have at least a gazillion more of those moments.

But if I don’t, if for some crazy reason I don't and if God follows a plan that we are unaware of  please, please remember this.   I am so proud of the child you were, and of the young woman that you are right now.  

Always remember that life is crazy and unpredictable, and the moment you get comfortable with what you are wearing- something incredible will happen to change your mind.  Never, ever plan too far ahead cause God will laugh and THROW a wrench into it. 

Please always be strong,  follow your heart and remember this-  the way you treat others is the way that you will be treated.  And while you might think that your path is painful, others are going through something that you can't imagine, and it might explain why they are a bit crankier than you.

Be true to yourself, insist on respect, and allow others to be who they are.   

But the most important lesson of all???

Tell your mother you love her.    

 I love you Sassy.  More than you will ever, EVER  know.   (Oh, except when you have a Sassy of your very own; only then will you know.  Only then. )


Brian Miller said...

ha. happy birthday sassy...

and nice bit of wisdom there mom...would love to hear her comeback for the kissing of the @ss

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to Sassy! Perfect advice.

Japolina said...

I love this post. Happy Birthday Sassy!

Kristin said...

Fantastic advice. "Be true to yourself, insist on respect, and allow others to be who they are." Love that. Enjoy the day!

Linda M. said...

My middle kid just had a birthday this week. You said it SO well to your daughter!! (I'd steal it except my son wouldn't take the time to read it....)

Happy Birthday to Sassy!!

noexcuses said...

Happy Birthday, Sassy! What a great tribute to a child! Your advice is point on, and you ask for so little in return. That's all that I want, as well!

Great post!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

So very well said, mom. Happy birthday to Sassy!

SkylersDad said...

Happy birthday Sassy, I hope that you tell your mom you love her, even when you don't. I would give anything to be able to tell my mom just one more time what she meant to me.

CSY said...

Happy Birthday, Sassy! I have a sassy of my own and she thinks she knows everything! I think I'm going to have her read your blog just to (MAYBE) cut me some slack as her mom...LOVE the post!

Mrs. E said...

That is so true. I think my girls now understand how loved they are. A child of your own will do that for you! Happy Birthday, Sassy. I'm with your mom-- #1 rule in life: Call your mother. #2 rule: Tell her you love her... often!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, happy birthday Sassy, and happy giving birth day, VM... I lOVE this post. xxxx

Joan said...

I don't personally know you or Sassy. But I think we'd be good friends.

Happy birthday.

Best for all that is yet to come!