Blue? It was never a good color for me...

Sunday’s top five cures for a crazy case of the blues.  

5.  A rousing spring collegiate field hockey tournament in the cold, crappy, misty rain.  The weather was miserable, but the games were spectacular.  I’ve decided that Sassy and I get along famously when she is 200 yards away and brandishing a wicked field hockey stick.

4.  A heart-warming message from an old friend who successfully kicked my ass. (“Quit your whining you crazy #*$&%, you know you’re awesome,” is basically what he said.)  And thanks to those of you who emailed me and commented with basically the same message.  It was (crystal) clear that I needed to take the advice I dish out at SCHOOL.  (“This is not preschool- there’s no whining HERE.”)

3.  Discovering the “Raw Humor” station on the Free Sirius radio channel in my leased car and laughing for MOST of the three-hour drive home.  (Oh Lord how I’m still chuckling…)

2.  Stumbling upon a HUGE basket of laundry inside my front door, and a gorgeous but bitchy girl asleep on my bed.  (I managed to sneak in a cuddle before I so rudely woke her up.)

Number 1?  Remembering that really, when all is said and done, a woman who has loyal friends and family really is the richest girl in town.   (Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a cliché.   But it’s a damn good one.)


Brian Miller said...

i need to find that channel tomorrow morning...so you are good today? be real...smiles.

SherilinR said...

a good laugh can make any day better and more easy to get over. even if there is a three hour car ride and a bitchy girl at the end.

Anonymous said...

I still think you missed the point.... it is ok to take care of you. It is ok to acknowledge that some times you are going to feel yucky....others you are going to feel fabulous.....allow yourself to feel what you are feeling AND if it's not good--find a distraction (walking, baking, reading and friends with wine (or cocktails) are mine).

You are human and you have a lot on your plate.
Sometimes life truly is a bitch---and that's ok as long as it is not every day.

Vodka Mom said...

oh I know, Anonymous. I know. I try to go with it when I hit that wall, and some walls are higher than others. This one was a particular bitch to climb over. :-) But I am working on distractions...

Japolina said...

I will admit that during a horribly long car trip sans husband, I let me 11 year old budding stand up comedian listen to the raw comedy channel on Sirius for a few moments. (I know bad mommy). It was just bad words which he knows anyway.

Glad that you are feeling better Vodka Mom

Notes From ABroad said...

I guess a cliche gets that way because it is so true and people say it so many times.
Here is me wishing you enough bounce in your step that you will leap over "those walls" easily once again and things will only get Better.
much love. C

Jen said...

whinge all you like!! thats what friends like us are for :)

sometimes we all need a little helping hand along the path


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