Even a five year-old knows how to treat a lady. (aka how to cover your @$$)

Thank you, Jack, for the incredible bouquet of flowers you thrust into my hands yesterday morning.  The roots dripping dirt were a particularly beautiful touch.

They almost made up for the fact that when Lily told you her great-grammy passed away, you shouted, "Dammit!!"


(And if you live near Smythe and Wesson Elementary school and are missing a CLUMP of grape hyacinths -bulbs and all- they are now perched on this teacher's desk.  I apologize on behalf of my client.)


Brian Miller said...

um. someone take that boy aside and introduce him to a pair of scissors...if you cut the stems the neighbor at least has a chance for them to grow back...smiles.

Just Me said...

Grape hyacinths take over a garden. He could pull a handful of mine any day, and I'd still welcome him back the next day. Enjoy them - he probably did someone a favor!

ChiTown Girl said...

He's gonna be a heartbreaker, isn't he?

Sue said...

Thanks for making me smile!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Getting flowers 'just because' is a positive - smile, say thank you and enjoy.

Where they came from? . . . . that's for another time.
faithful follower