Actions speak louder than words.

I adore the parents of the children in my classroom.  They are incredibly supportive, caring, harried, forgetful, generous, busy and NORMAL.  (Just like the rest of us...)

However, these particular parents have just won the "Parent of the Year" trophy.  An email from the teacher after a particularly challenging Friday resulted in this:

Oh sure, the particular offender was better behaved for about ONE hour this morning, but the fact that he wrote the letter has rendered him golden for the REST of the year.

Just don't tell HIM.  


SherilinR said...

that's awesome! apology letters are a lost art.

Gigi said...

How sweet! Actually, I used to make mine do the exact same thing....I like to think it taught him a lesson (kinda) and let the teacher know that we had her back.

Anonymous said...

For once, not mine....

Just Two Chicks said...

Wow!!! I never had that, and I was kicked, and spit at, and bitten. Then I met the mom, and I knew why that little child struggled so.

Sue said...

Oh, a sweet "offender" with a heart! You do have your hands full my friend. But it is a really precious age, or at least I think so.

Take care,

Brian Miller said...

smiles...cool letter...and hey you got one hour out of it right...smiles...summer will be here soon!

Japolina said...

My son wrote a similar letter in Kindergarten to the teacher next door to his classroom after he told her that "you're not the boss of me" she asked him to get in line or something.

I was mortified. Luckily it was not an indication of things to come. Perhaps the requirement of the apology made him change course. He is in sixth grade now, and has never been nasty to a teacher again!

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