Ribbit. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbit.

We were talking about the life cycle of a frog today, and I was gathering information about what they might already know.

Jack, of course, knows even more than I do.

"Well, then the frog camouflages himself so he can hide from creditors!!"


Even the teacher learns something new each today.  (And this year, it comes quite often from my little love who goes by the name of Jack.)


Brian Miller said...

going to go buy me some camo now....just saying...too bad it does not work on the IRS....

booksandcandy said...

so cute, we talked about frogs last week. We made these cute frogs with a little bit of SpritE and lime green sherbert, marshmellow eyes and a chocolate syrup mouth.

I also have a Jack who takes up a little more space in my mind just because. Especially when I call out his name.

I have learned a lot from you whether it be blogs that I will always visit or just how to keep smiling thank you so much!

Gigi said...

So THAT'S how they (the frogs) always seem to stay one hop ahead of the creditors!

Malisa said...

Next time one of those pesky creditors call, I'm gonna just ribbit in the phone!

Bragger said...

Further proof that my ex is indeed a frog. And no amount of kissing from ANYBODY is going to change that.

Kathy at kissing the frog said...

Where I used to teach, this is what my students' parents did. And used camo to hide from the teachers, too.

Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

Priceless! Sally xx

Dr Zibbs said...


Pearl said...

The answer to my problems!!

I need to disguise myself as a frog...


Cora said...

It takes camouflage to hide from creditors, huh? So, that's where I went wrong....

LindaS said...

I had to read that TWICE to "get it". Actually, this is a relatively common error of children - they use a word that sounds like the term they should be using.

Although, it's not a bad strategy to hide from the bill-collectors via camo.

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