Some things just need to be said out loud..(Hearts are too important for anything less.)

I’ve spent the last two days at a lovely, incredibly relaxing resort nestled in the mountains in Oregon.

The resort, 3 hours from my home, has been around for about a thousand years. It has managed to survive the peaks and valleys of our fragile economy, despite being located in the middle of Nowhere, USA.  (aka Middle Earth.)  It offers lovely ski trails, hiking trails, golf, zip lines, swimming, and anything else imaginable that one could do in the mountains.

I was given this beautiful (surprise) gift from this particular friend.  I spent one day at the spa getting a manicure, pedicure, massage and the MOST incredible facial on the face of the earth.  Oh sure, I’ve never had a facial before, but I’m sure that this particular young lady gave me the best one on the planet.

However, the most touching parts of this getaway were the moments spent deepening and reevaluating this friendship that has been tucked in the back of our memories for oh, so many years.  We spent many hours sharing, talking, laughing and sharing some more. We discussed our painful experiences, our complicated and very different lives, and the amazing love we both have for our children.  We realized that while our hearts will always be connected in ways that can’t be explained, our journeys will most certainly take different paths.

We engaged in more thoughtful, insightful and somewhat painful discussions about the truths of our lives throughout these days.  And yet through it all, and at the end of it all, I was very impressed by our mature and respectful behaviors. 

I think, perhaps, we’re all grown up after all.

…and so this journey of mine continues…with renewed strength and a sense of peace. 

thank you, Clint, for helping me feel beautiful again...


Vodka Mom said...

i still shed a tear or two. I won't lie.

But my heart has healed from FAR worse than this matter.....and I will be all the better for it....

Vodka Mom said...

Love ya, chi.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Growth is painful .....

Vodka Mom said...

yes it is, Kathy.

As you well know.


Suzy said...

I am THRILLED FOR YOU!! I never read the March post (where was I??) so I got to catch up and now one of your old emails to me makes more sense!

Brian Miller said...

wow. very cool...glad you got this pampering and time...and with company...smiles..

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

and you are beautiful, my friend.

Melissa B. said...

"Me" time is always special, but especially wonderful if one can spend it in a beautiful place with a close friend. Lovely!

Joan said...

I'm glad you were with a really good friend for this part of the journey. Hope your summer continues to be wonderful.

Oh, I forgot! Now I'm going to scrolll back through your posts to discover your daughter's favorite song!

Scope said...

Sometimes you have to visit the past one last time before you are ready to head into the future.

Vodka Mom said...

Eric- you always know just what to say.

Red Shoes said...

Yeah, there are still some people out there that live up to the definition of friend...

It sounds like you have one.

Treasure him...


SkylersDad said...

I hope you are one step closer to healing your heart.

Japolina said...

Wow! How lucky you are to revisit one of your past loves. Many never get that chance and spend time thinking about what might have been.

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