Fashion hurts. (The shoes should come with a warning. And Band-aids.)

We spend Friday night in D.C. walking through DuPont circle, visiting top “hot spots” with our 22 year-old daughters.

We wore incredibly adorable shoes that turned on us at about 11:00 that evening, punishing our feet for even considering wearing them on this crazy, long bar tour.

We walked, laughed, walked, laughed, groaned, laughed and walked some more. 

We followed our energetic daughters to an upscale wine bar called Veritas, The Mad Hatter, The Sign of the Whale and The Public Bar. Lucky for us, Public had a line so long that we were forced to run (in the man-eating shoes) across the street to the Lucky Bar – the one we intended to visit in the first place.

The girls deftly wound their way through what I am convinced was an illegally huge crowd, dragging these moms behind them.  And while they received many admiring glances along the way - the mothers who were keeping up with them received several rounds of applause.

After locating the rest rooms at the far corner of the tippy top floor of the Lucky Bar, we found a lovely open spot on a bench located right beside the men’s room.

How convenient.

We waved the girls off to enjoy some time exploring the club, and rested our feet. We spent the next 30 minutes meeting and laughing with many young, attractive boys that I’m convinced were raised by fabulous parents.  After discovering we were moms enjoying a night out with our daughters, we were treated to several drinks, accolades, flattery and endearing compliments.  If I could, I would send lovely notes to the parents of these young men, for they were kind, respectful and very, very sweet.

Finally the girls returned and we stood to make our way out the door to finally grab a cab home.  We smiled, waved to the young men and thanked them for making our night.

“MOTHER, what are you doing?" asked Bitchy in a stern voice.  "You should NOT be talking to strangersnothing good ever comes of it."

I looked at her. 

“Oh, I’m not so sure about that!” I said, reaching into my purse to pull out a plastic dragon light saber with long streamers that flashed different colors.  “One nice young man was so impressed with us, he reached into his pocket and handed me this light saber.   I’d say that was something real good.”

We used the light saber to hail down a cab, and laughed the whole ride back to Foggy Bottom. 

(And ladies…the very best place to meet men?  It’s the bench right outside the men’s room. Who knew that lines would be so much fun?)


Japolina said...

First of all, those shoes are very cute. The pain was probably worth the fashion statement.

I wish I knew about the bench outside the men's room about 25 years ago!

ChiTown Girl said...

Those shoes are spectacular!

Glad you had such a wonderful night skulking around the men's room. ;-)

Brian Miller said...

meeting at the mens room...there has to be a bad omen in that...smiles...

glad you had fun!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

so glad you had a blast! what a special weekend. i'd be the mom in the crocs. oh well.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My daughters and daughter-in-law are shoe people. Me? If Easy Spirit don't make it, I ain't gonna wear it! They make fun of my choice of footwear. Well, my girls do, not my DIL, she loves me!

Gigi said...

Love, love, love the shoes! But I don't know if I'd go clubbing in them....if I did, I'd end up going barefoot before the night was over.

So glad you had such a good time with the girls!

Desiree Lynn said...

Those shoes are rocking!

Alexandra said...

Those shoes are so dang cute and worth every minute of blistery pain.

Just my two cents worth.

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