It's easy to dish out, but much harder to follow yourself. (A.D.V.I.C.E.)

We give our children plenty of (unsolicited) advice over the years.  It’s our job, frankly, to guide them along the way as best we can.

We think, perhaps because we’re older, that the mistakes we’ve made and the knowledge we’ve gained will certainly help us help our own children lead happier and somewhat easier lives.

Some children will listen and heed most of that advice. (Well, kind of.) You know, the advice like “Don’t touch a hot stove,” or “You have to wear socks with your sneakers,” and "Do NOT pierce that," and perhaps “Look both ways before you cross the street.” 

But then there’s the other stuff.   The “Make sure you follow your gut instinct,” or “Always insist on being treated with respect,” and “Do the right thing,” and also “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”  There are so many, many important things we try to teach our children. 

However, in all honesty, the lessons they learn all on their own are often the ones that teach them the most.  And while it hurts to watch, we know in our hearts that these experiences will be the ones that help them become the person they are meant to be.  

Now that I am older, and living a new life on my own, I am finding that it’s hard to follow the very advice I’ve given my children all these years.  In fact, I’m doing the same damn thing that they did:   I’m ignoring it.

But no more.

Today I am going to remember the lessons I’ve learned, and I’m going to try to follow my own advice.

I’m going to treat others the way I want to be treated.
I’m going to love and approve of myself.
I’m going to remember that I deserve to be treated with respect.
I’m going to be happy with the person I am so far, and strive to be a bit better than the person I was yesterday.
I’m going to work hard to realize my dreams, and still be happy with what I have today.
I will live for today, but hope for an even lovelier tomorrow.
I’m going to say yes to any invitation, and enjoy whatever new challenges come my way.  (Even if my knees try to convince me otherwise...)

And I’m going to remember that while it’s important to wrap my children in love and support, it’s equally important to remember that I need a bit of that myself.

It's asking for it that's the hard part. 


ChiTown Girl said...

You need to take that list of advice, print it out, and hang it on your mirror, so you can reread it every single morning. :)

The mum of all trades said...

I think if we all followed that list, our lives would improve immensely.

noexcuses said...

Yeah, what ChiTown Girl said! Great list for everyone to follow!

Japolina said...

"I’m going to say yes to any invitation, and enjoy whatever new challenges come my way"... I need to especially work on that one. I just got invited to dinner with some old high school friends and I'm toying whether to go or not. They weren't my good friends in high school and I would have to go without my kids and husband and all other them would be there with theirs. I know that, if anything, it will be amusing, but I really don't want to go.

Sorry to make your blog about me! Ha!

Have a great day Vodkamom and go for the personal growth!

Brian Miller said...

honest and real...it is hard asking for it...it is humbling...but i think it is a much better life...

Unknown said...

where's the 'like' button?! :))

Gigi said...

EXCELLENT advice....for all of us. I think I will follow ChiTown Girl's advice and print this out.

HeliMom said...

Great advice.

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