Sometimes, it feels like things are back to almost back to normal. (Except I never really know what normal IS.)

Dear Sassy,

Okay, let me see if I have all the facts straight.

In the last three weeks or so I’ve:

1.     Driven you to the beach while listening to horrifying music for 12 hours.
2.    Purchased several replacement items of clothing for you that you may or may not have ruined in the washer because you always forget to take your chapstick out of your pockets.
3.    Arranged for more than several deep tissue MFR treatments AT OUR HOUSE so that you wouldn’t have to take off work, or miss any other exciting activity you might have planned.
4.    Given you money for various other incidental items that you’ve had to purchase here and there when you just “didn’t have any cash” on you.
5.    Paid to register your car AND keep your sorority dues up to date.

So yesterday when you texted me to pick up your medicine when I was finally relaxing at the pool with a friend and I said, “Please get it yourself,” your response confused me.


Sweet Cheezus; surely that was meant for someone else.


Brian Miller said...

hehe...never do anything...and seriously pool time is the wrong time to be bothering...just saying...

deep tissue treatments....i need to find...

Anonymous said...

I had to take deep, calming breaths just now... whoa...

Yes, indeed. Surely that MUST have been meant for someone ELSE'S mother! Good grief.


My Sassy-pants is twelve going on seventeen, and I can relate. Oh, yes. I can.

ChiTown Girl said...

Ok, here's a little tip. Don't take your phone out to the pool when you're relaxing.

Ok, who am I trying to fool? Of course you're going to take your phone, just like I would, because God forbid there was an emergency and your kids needed you.......

Yeah, moms get no respect, OR relaxation. :(

Unknown said...

love this post!
when that happens to me I usually say Oh and I was just going to ask you.......

Mellodee said...

I may be wrong, but isn't she in COLLEGE?? Seems to me that it's time for her to encounter what it feels like when a mom REALLY doesn't do anything for a daughter!!

A few snarky answers like that coming from anyone over age 12 is totally unacceptable and would make me pull all her financing right out from under her!

noexcuses said...

Yeah, yeah! I'm sure it wasn't meant for you! My sassy would have said the exact same thing! You're a great mom! It's going to come back to you one of these days!

That Janie Girl said...

Send that girly down here…we'll make her scoop poop. That will give her an attitude adjustment and she'll be grateful for anything other than poop!

Jenny Hart Boren said...

I must say that while I completely agree with Mellodee, I also understand the internal parental struggle that makes a mom keep crawling back for one more thud from her boot. I sincerely hope she is one of those kids that one day becomes grateful and thoughtful, and not one who eventually kicks you to the curb forever because YOU were such a mean Mom.

That said (with plenty of love), perhaps it's time for her take a few "sink-or-swimming lessons"...?

Anonymous said...

This makes me sad for you. I understand that she's a teen and she's entitled but more often than not she's rude and disrepectful to you.

I know that this blog is intended to be humorous, etc. But I think that her sense of entitlement and disrepect towards her Mother is not funny at all.

I'm sorry for you. I'm sure she'll grow up some day and appreciate all of the things that you've done for her.

Jen said...

oh lordy me, I hear the echo of that over on this side of the pond. I know the politically correct response to this is to probably say you should stop doing anything for her, but if you are anything like me, those kids are your life and you would do it all again in a heartbeat. Rotten kids, rotten disrespecting kids, dont we love them TO BITS!!!!!
I totally understand sister, just hang in there, it will be alright in the end... and if it isnt alright?? then it isnt the end. Well thats what I keep telling MYSELF.

Vodka Mom said...

The good thing? She picked up her medicine and never said a word about it.

And life goes on...

Expat mum said...

Obviously you should have said "please" in there.

Sue said...

Our children are oh so special aren't they? And it doesn't matter how old they get, they still remain special!! Good luck!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that respect may not be a quality that you expect (and get) from your daughters. I also (secretly) hope that you embellish your tales for us as a writer's prerogative.

We are all travelers together on this small orb of the Universe - and respect for each other is a primary ingredient we all need to have and share.
faithful follower

Anonymous said...

You do entirely too much for her and that's why she treats you that way. If she's an adult now treat her as one or you enable her to be a child forever and that's not what parents want.
Sorry for the cranky reply but the heat is getting to me!

vodkamom said...

Yikes. No more sassy stories I guess....

Beth said...

Dang people, leave VODKA alone....I thought it was HILARIOUS, and quite frankly it reminded me of myself at that age. I have begged my mom to forgive me for the way I treated her...and of course she did, and we all laugh about it now. HANG IN THERE MOM!! Please don't stop the Sassy stories!!

Ice Princess said...

I guess that's the almost-grown-up version of "BUY ME SOMETHING!"

Lorraine said...

Surely, based on history, we know she was being sarcastic - a form of humor that doesn't always come across in writing/texting (ask me how I know). And if not taken in that context can be stinging instead. Your post is so much better than replying by text because look at what it stirred up! Knowing that she will undoubtedly read this (and the comments)it's a great lesson to your daughter at the impression she's making on strangers. Sometimes there's a fine line between humorous and hurtful.

Scope said...

I know it wasn't her "allergy" medicine, or you wound have hopped right up to get that.

But hopefully she's smart enough to avoid known allergens or take other precautions if she's out of her meds. :-)

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