Warm summer days and the thrill of a lifetime. (aka Dorney Park puts their $$$ where their mouth is.)

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The morning smelled of the promise of long summer days, freshly mowed lawns and the uncontrollable laughter of children traveling on the wings of a summer breeze.
You remember the feel of those mornings, don’t you? The feel on a warm summer mornings when the excitement of a trip fluttered in your stomach like a million butterflies trying to escape. It’s magical, no matter what your age.
I packed my teenage boy, along with his two friends, into our car with plenty of food but no electronic devices.  We arrived at Dorney Park, nestled outside a quaint town, ready to begin our first summer adventure.  I felt fortunate that I was able to convince these teen boys to spend a day with me – considering that being with your mother is not cool when you’re fourteen and coming into your own.

My plan to spend time with my son and his friends was accepted quickly by them, as it was wrapped in several incredible roller coasters such as the Stinger and Talon, and the promise of at least two drenching water rides.

And so we spent the day in a very clean and beautiful park- surrounded by the excited screams of rides filled to the brim, families enjoying the awesomeness of the first weekend of the summer, and groups celebrating a year of great work that has come to a close.

The park was much, much larger than I expected.  It had roller coasters perched around the periphery of the park, and ride after ride peppered throughout.  Tucked in every nook and cranny were food booths that offered such a variety that any craving you might have could be met.  There were funnel cakes, warm pretzels, tacos, burger, franks, ice cream, and anything else you could possibly imagine.
But what impressed this mother the most?  It was the cleanest park I have ever, ever been to.  (Oh sure, the boys only saw the thrilling rides, but this parent saw the numerous employees dressed neatly and carrying brooms and scoopers to take care of any scrap that might be dropped.)

Planet Snoopy is a clever and magical area designed for the younger children and their parents.  The rides were large enough that parents could ride WITH their children in comfort and enjoyment.  The rest of the park was a perfect combination of familiar rides, and thrilling, state-of-the-art roller coasters.  The park rates its rides from 1 to 5, so you know which coasters provide the most thrills.
It was a most fantastic day – and although the boys slept for part of the ride home, they spent the remainder of that ride talked excitedly about all they had done at Dorney Park, and planning our next- much longer- trip there.  They’re in love; they’re in love with some incredible roller coasters and a park that lived up to its promise.

Do you ride the roller coasters with the thrill seekers or wait for them at the end of the line?


SanH said...

I love roller coasters, not so much the wait in line to ride them.

Scope said...

This is HI-LAR-IOUS! I JUST did a post about Dorney Park's sister, Cedar Point TODAY.

Kathleen said...

I grew up next to Dorney Park. My memories date back to when the Dorney family owned the park, rides cost tickets and there was an actual road through the park and a traffic cop that stopped traffic to let us cross. Field trips and first dates occurred there. Now when we are home to visit I take my girls to enjoy it. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

Unknown said...

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