You know what, Bilbo Baggins? I know just how you feel....

"...but I’m beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel…thin. Sort of stretched, like…butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. "   BIlbo Baggins.

It seems I'm ruffling too many feathers.  I don't have the energy...

I'm taking a little siesta.....be well, my friends.  


Jessis said...

:-( We'll miss you!!

K Dubs said...

I think that sucks. :(

It's the beginning of the year, I want to know who is going to be your Frank this year, dagnabbit!

Because someone doesn't agree with you or your rights to say what you want in this free country of ours - please don't stop sharing..

Kate said...

You will be missed!

Carrie B said...

Oh, pluck their feathers. tee hee

Sheila said...

I am sorry someone is making you feel we don't appreciate your writing. I will miss you...rest up and come back stronger than ever.

Vodka Mom said...

no worries. I just need a breather. I'll regroup, and be back soon. You know me- I can't stop "talking".

It's all good.

Lyn Goff said...

I want to get in my car and drive across the state to help you set up your classroom (and then go get a glass of wine). Take care of yourself.

Silvana L said...

People who can't laugh at life are dealing with their own issues and want others to be miserable too. I LOVE Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! They bring a little joy into our lives. Just like you do, Vodka!! Don't let the haters bring you down!! You are awesome and you are loved by so many!!

Enjoy your time off before the school year starts. You will be missed here! As a former 1st grade teacher I totally get what you have in store for you!!

You most likely have already tried these, but I had to share anyway.....whipped cream flavored vodka + orange juice = orange creamsicle or whipped cream flavored vodka + pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine = pineapple upside down cake!! Both are so yummy!!!

Much love,

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm sorry, I'll miss you and your stories. Get revved up and come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Try to rest up before the school year gets into full swing. I'm sure your new role isn't without it's overwhelming feelings, let alone this nonsense in blogland.
Me? I'm going to stay up late enough to watch as many Daily Shows as possible before my school year starts.
Love ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

My Dad "talks" too much too - and it gets him in trouble as well. He just can't seem to filter anything, and then he gets in shit. He is getting fired, AGAIN, because he just doesn't know when to shut up. And he has to tell EVERYONE his problems with the people at work... Then he can't understand why his employer has an attitude with him, and wants him gone! It blows my mind. Seriously.

It is a tough line- knowing what is appropriate to say on a blog/iin public and what not to mention. Some people are more senstive than others, and get pissed if you mention them, even when you don't exactly say their name.

Good luck, Vodka Mom. At least you admit when you have perhaps crossed the line a little. Change can not happen unless you accept what role you played.

I have lost hope for my Dad. 3 years until he can retire. All I can pray for at this point is that he finds a job that can get him through until then. Sure wish HE had learned the boundaries of what is acceptable to spread around... It causes him so much stress now...

MANDI said...

I hope your siesta is brief and gives you a chance to recharge your batteries. You are my every single day go-to. Some days I laugh, some days I cry, but mostly I just read and think.

marlu said...

Feathers need ruffled. Hang in there,blogger friend.

SkylersDad said...

We will be waiting for you when you get back. We all love you.

The Green Family said...

I've always thought.... since you're not forcing anyone to read this blog... so post whatever the EFF you want. If it someone doesnt like it they should move on to other bloggers who give a damn. I love your writing...don't change. Don't give em the satisfaction! ;)

Anonymous said...

you did not cross any lines (anon. 6:11 post)! absolutely not! if jon stewart can air it, why can't you post it. Ridiculous. Enjoy your break but please do return to entertain us lowly readers!

Kathy at kissing the frog said...

I'm sorry you feel like you can't be who you are on YOUR OWN blog. People can choose not to read. I read a lot of blogs, and I don't always agree and sometimes I am offended. But I never say anything because just as it's my choice to read or not, it's their choice to write. Some people just carry their hearts so close to the surface that everything hurts, no matter what is said. I can understand because I lost my son, too (although to cancer). Keep your chin up and know that you will be missed while you are away.

Kara Cauthon said...

Please make it a short siesta!

I'm terribly selfish - I start each and every one of my very stressful work days off by reading your blog. Your incredible ability to share your heart, whether it is joyous, saddened, broken, elated or on an even keel, inspires me.

Much love to you - please don't change a thing.


Lynn said...

Your blog.
You can post whatever you want.
I, and obviously many many others, will read it!

I'll be waiting, right here.

Dorothy said...

YOUR blog. Period. People can choose to not read it if they choose to be offended. Or, like a lot of us do, relish what you write!! I love your blog. Don't take on others' stuff, they are dumping their issues, their problems on you. Delete them and fuggeddabout'em!
We'll be waiting with bated breath while you take a break.

SkylersDad said...

If people are needing to feel offended, they can always stop by my blog. I am an equal opportunity offender!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6-11: The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it? Talk about "crossing the line" .....the line you crossed is so far behind you, you couldn't look back and see it even if you were looking through binoculars!

Don't be gone long, Vodka Mom!!

Wendy said...

Vodka! I hope you can feel ALLL the Love that all of us are sending you!!! And i *completely* agree with everyone above who says "But it's YOUR blog!" And this *is* still America; YOU have just as much right to Free Speech as the next person!!
Good luck with the new school-year starting! I know you'll do great, and i'm tickled for each student who gets to have YOU for his/her teacher this year!
LOVE You Bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

Will miss the you! And await your return!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that although Vodka Mom has the RIGHT to post anything, as it is HER blog, the reality is that it CAN affect her professionally and personally. People in her community has figured out who she is, and you can bet that things on here can affect how people in her community, and her workplace view her.

You can argue this principal, or deny it, but it is true. Just because someone makes a point it does NOT mean that they are not supporting Vodka Mom (who is very whitty). So you don't need to jump on them and attack them.

There are ways to offer your support and opinions to Vodka Mom without having to slam anyone else, or disregard their opinion.

Vodka Mom herself has stated that perhaps one of the reasons (or even THE reason) that she may have been chosen for the 'teacher relocation program' is because of this blog, and what has been written about here.

It is a simple fact that people know who Vokda Mom is, IRL, and therefore what is written here can affect her day to day relationships.

I think even Vodka Mom would agree with that fact. She has seen it, and has even written about it.

I am not saying she can't write about anything that she wants, just that she might need to deal with some fall out if some people do not agree with her point of view, or what she posts.

I never, at any time, said I did not agree with what she said, just that boundaries are subjective, and it can be difficult to navigate what is appropriate to post.

I, personally, was not offended by what she posted. But others were. No one can be PC, or please everyone 100% of the time. The point is that when something is publically posted, there is always a risk of offending someone, so the author needs to weigh wether they want to handle the fall out.

Anonymous said...

VM states above:
no worries. I just need a breather. I'll regroup, and be back soon. You know me- I can't stop "talking".

It's all good.

August 16, 2012 12:40 PM

So why is that VM herself admits that there is backlash as someone has taken offense...

So where did I cross the line? The fact that I did not appear to be 100% in support of VM?

Please explain (without being condensending, please) how I "crossed the line".

Is it because what I wrote could be preceived as not being 100% supportive of VM?


Vodka Mom said...

I think, perhaps, that many things are being misconstrued, here.

I am stepping back from my computer so that I can take deep breaths. I have been spread too thin, and when that happens it just complicates things.

I ruffled some feathers, and that normally wouldn't worry me too much. We are all adults, and with that in mind I always know that some who come here might not appreciate what is written- or the way things might be presented.

I received some private emails that did cut deep. It helped me step back and remember what I intended with this blog in the first place. (To never hurt anyone on the inside. )

It's a journal. It's a reflection of who I am, and the life i am living. I was reminded that it's about the writing. And when that suffers, or when I compromise that- then I need to just take a breather.

And so I am stepping back. Not because of one person- or someone else's comments. It's MOSTLY because of what was happening to my writing- and how THAT affected others.

And so I am taking a "nap", and will be back soon.

Again, there is no one to blame- no one but myself. No worries, my friends. No worries.

Judi said...

Got it Vodka Mom! I'll miss you and your stories. Don't ever BLAME yourself for talking in your own space. Take a breather, a nap or whatever you need....we'll be here when you get back! BTW, I'm not real crazy about that Anonymous person who wastes so much energy and time with her long finger-wagging comments.I sure hope Anonymous finds a new punching bag while you are gone. Folks like anonymous can't go too long without trying to right the world with their perfection!
Onward VM!

anymommy said...

Hugs and love. May the beginning of school go beautifully and may you be back soon.

Auntie Pam said...

Congratulations on starting yet another year of successful teaching! Your writing always told us how much you love your profession, and I, for one, will miss your impressions of your new class. Good luck with your new class, and please come back soon. I, for one, will be checking in often.

Michelle said...

Another fan who loves your writing and hope you feel the hugs of your followers much more than the barbs of the haters. So sorry for whatever circumstances have happened to make you feel the need to burrow for a bit. You are the very real voice of hundreds (thousands?) of teachers, divorced parents, single women, girlfriends and I thank you for sharing what some of us can't even say to ourselves, much less the world. Will look forward to your return, VM. Take wonderful, wonderful care of yourself.

Irish Gumbo said...

Find your peace, my dear. Bliss to you on your siesta.

Dawn said...

Take ALL the time you need.
We will be waiting for your honest witty self when you return.

One crazed mommy said...

Hope you have a refreshing breather, and a wonderful start to the school year. Can't wait to hear your stories of your new school and class when you return. :)

Mostly_A_Person said...

Vodka!!! I adore your blog. I love your stories, I love "Frank", I love your nicknames for your kids. Here's the thing though.... if I *didn't* love all that, I wouldn't read the blog. You have to be YOU, my dear, and your personal blog is a great place to do that.

If someone doesn't agree with your point of view, or gets all butthurt over a Comedy Central clip.... perhaps instead of spewing venom all over the interwebs, they could maybe go look at some cat pictures or something.

Don't get me wrong, naps are great. Take all the rest you need. But don't let Moaning Myrtle over there ruin your day or piss in your cornflakes. Keep being your same wonderful, funny, poignant, thoughtful, AMAZING self... after all, it's all you can be, right? Chin up, dearie. You're all right in my book.

SanH said...

I just hope your siesta is not very long since I really enjoy reading your blog, and I was looking forward to hear stories about the new gig.

Japolina said...

Please don't be gone too long

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