It's the most wonderful time of the year..(everybody, now)

Still unpacking, organizing, unpacking, re-organizing, moving one pile to another pile, and another pile to another place.  It's a crazy game of where's the pebble - and I will only be ready at midnight the night before school starts.  And THEN, I have to find time to GLANCE at my NEW UNITS.   Sweet Cheezus.

And so I offer you the best of the back to school cartoons.  Frankly, I'm searching high and low for ways to laugh....high and low....

That one up there??    Brilliant......

And you CAN'T tell me that this wasn't the best back to school commercial EVER. (hands down.)


ChiTown Girl said...

I do love that commercial. Apparently, so does Kelly Ripa! She mentioned yesterday on her show. :)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

yes. That will always be a classic.

Thing is now that Frick's going off to college, she's the one dancing and singing and I'm the one who's less than happy.

Oh how the roles have changed.

Kyddryn said...

I home-school...whimper....

Shade and Sweetwater,

Brian Miller said...

i start in my SPED collab classroom on Monday...woohoo..now i will have stories too..smiles...

viridian said...

My husband and I so love this commercial that we sing this song to our kids this time of year!!

Gigi said...

I've always loved that commercial! Although this year, it's not so near and dear to my heart since mine's headed off to college :sob:

Bragger said...

Thanks a lot, Vodka, for THAT "ear worm." I went on a 41-mile bike ride right after reading your blog, and the song stuck in my head was a CHRISTMAS SONG? Really? Ha ha ha ha.

By the way, the most wonderful time of a CAREER is that first week when everybody else goes back to school... and you've just retired. You'll get there. It's a wonderful place to be.

MrsFun said...

I'm that weird mom that hates back school. No more sleeping in, homework battles, lost lunch boxes and jackets. The whining about bedtime.. Etc.

LindaS said...

For me, nothing beats the classic, goofy Alice Cooper commercial (the one where his kids are depressed about returning, saying he sang school was out FOREVER.

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