And THAT is a girl after my own heart. (Watch out Sasha, you've got some stiff competition...)

Her name is Poppy.

She’s an adorable girl with blonde braids woven tightly on either side of her head that hang down to her shoulders.  Her bright blue eyes look at you with such intensity that you can’t wait to see hear what she's thinking.  (Maybe.)

And she has yet to disappoint.

We had prepped the first graders about the playground equipment, and most were familiar with the drill.  They were to only go DOWN the slide, and not the other way.  They shouldn’t be playing where they can’t see the teachers, they have to be kind and polite, they must watch where they’re going and they should not walk in front of the swings while others are swinging. 

Oh, and then there’s the zip line.  

It’s a long metal zip line attached to a complicated set of climbing equipment that I can’t even BEGIN to describe.  (Hence the photo.)  They are NOT go on the zip line unless they can reach it themselves – and they are not allowed to push each other on said zip line. 

I watched my class on Friday as a number of children tried and tried and tried to hop onto the zip line.  They were crowded around it, and even the tallest of the boys were THIS close to latching on as they jump to reach it. But to no avail.

Poppy watched from a distance.

And I watched Poppy.

She watched the boys intensely with her arms folded.  They group finally tired and ran happily to another area of the playground.  She turned her head and looked at me with a smile. (If I had been closer, I would have sworn she raised her eyebrows.) 

She ran to the far side of the climbing apparatus and started her ascent.  She climbed up one side of the triangular climber, and then down the other.   She made the transition onto something that resembles monkey bars, across the thin blue bar and onto the larger green one to the purple one and THEN made her way to the end of the zip line.  With her feet still swinging to and fro, her hands worked their way onto the larger pipe that housed the zip line, and they made their way slowly across the “line” until she reached the area where the handle had landed.  She looked at me briefly, and transferred her hands down onto the handle.  She smiled as she turned to me.  

I watched in sheer amazement as she swung her body (as if she hadn’t just traversed the ANDES MOUNTAINS in FIVE MINUTES) and zipped like a thief in the night across the zip line.  THE WHOLE WAY ACROSS.

She came to a stop, jumped off and looked at me with a sheepish grin. 

I pointed to her, LAUGHED OUT LOUD, and gave her an ovation worthy of an Olympic Athlete.

As she ran to join her friend I smiled.   This is gonna be some kind of year, I thought.  Some kind of kick @$$ year, indeed.


Amy said...

I read you all the time and look forward to the new adventures you face this year!

Vodka Mom said...

Thank you, Amy! I needed to know that. :-)

Brian Miller said...

ha nice...you got a good one there...she will keep us in stories i am sure...

Bragger said...

I read every single one, laugh when appropriate, cry when necessary, and sincerely believe we would be friends if we met in real life. And I'm just nosey enough (and truly sympathetic, believe me) to wonder why you have to pay spousal support. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

A Speckled Trout said...

I read you. I love you and every thing you write. My daughter is an ELL teacher and was talking with the kindergarten teachers the other day while the kids were at specials. One little kid walked by and said he lost his class and then proceeded to go down the hall saying, "Class? Class? Where are you class?"

She jumped up to help him but that story has kept me entertained all weekend.

I can't believe you have to pay spousal support. Sheesh.

notme said...

VM, you could probably give Poppy some coaching on the gymnastics, don't you think?

Yes, I come here every day to see what's new in your life. I don't leave comments very often because those wonky things you have to type drive me crazy.

Hmm...spousal support....I've always wondered how that works...what formulas are used....and if people are honest.

Marissa said...

Yes, I come here...and I think Poppy might be our next Gabby "Flying Squirrel" Douglas. Or our first female President.

I can see it now...."Look boys, this is how this country should have been run all along--duh"

Casey Wiggins said...

I had a Poppy in my class last year. It was always hard for me to not cheer her on louder than the rest.

Love your blog. Seriously. :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

Bea said...

Hi, delurking for today :) I ALWAYS read you and I have for several years! I was so sad a couple of weeks ago when you said you were taking a break, and then I had a really bad day and checked just in case and there you were :)It sounds a little creepy coming from a total stranger but it brightened my whole day, just as your posts always do. I love your writing so much, and I think you are just a truly amazing person. Can't wait to hear more about Poppy too! :)

That gentleman's lady said...

Hallo Vodka,

Lots of people read this these posts. I know I do. Every single one, even if it is catch up after a few days

And? I read Labels too, because people tag their posts with the funniest things sometimes.

Hope you feel better soon. No sick and tired. The school year is just beginning. And you have Poppy :)


Gigi said...

I always, always read. And, I've just discovered that I should be checking out the labels....sometimes it takes me a while to catch on.

The Sisters' Hood said...

I have a Poppy - right here in my house.
Everyday is an adventure.
The other days I drink ....

Anonymous said...

Your blog and my cup of morning coffee start my every day - I know I pay more attention to you than to many of my relatives! They think I am talking about a RL friend when I mention you . . .
faithful follower

Unknown said...

I also read every post and have even told my friends about you as well! In fact when I type the "V" your website address pops right up!

Cappy said...

I read you every day! Was wondering if you watched the gymnastics in the Olympics and what you saw? I sat next to a former ice skating judge during a winter olympics once - fascinating!

Can't wait to hear of your adventures w/ a slightly older crowd!

SanH said...

I read you everytime you posts, so please keep going, I know Poopy will give you plenty of blog fodder.

One crazed mommy said...

Oh I read...maybe not every single day, but every single post...yes! I very seldom comment, but your posts always make me smile, tear up, or just ponder depending on the topic of the day - you are on the top of my all time favorite blog list! :) And Poppy - sounds like you need to keep an eye on that one! I can't wait to hear more adventures from your class!

Anonymous said...

I read you all the time. Makes me laugh so much and feel for you with sorrow when you are down. I live in Wales, GB with hubby and have 4 boys. Helen xxx

Unknown said...

Check my feed for you every day and click over when I see your name. I know the apparatus you speak of - there is one at the church playground. My little one would love but she's too much of a rule follower to try an ascent like that. Though she is frequently 'disausted' which makes me grin to no end.

That with 2 kids in college you are being made to pay spousal support for an able-bodied lazy douchecanoe just shows how completely effed up this world can be as him being an able bodied lazy douchcanoe is what seemed to jump-start this adventure anyway.

Solidarity girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Of course we read...Dawn said it, we all think it....just sayin...

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh and Dawn's comment was priceless.....

Lorraine said...

Seems like lately I've been playing catch-up reading my favorite blogs, but I do read you when I can. Right back to where I left off last time. Sorry not to comment as often as I should. I get that too.

The fifth grade "challenge" last year on the playground was the boys running through the girls on the swings. Wipe Out style. They put a stop to that fast, but when spring rolled around, one nut, I mean student, did it again and got kicked in the head. Now his parents are suing the school district. I guess the rules didn't apply to him that day.

Caderive said...

You are one of two blogs I read on a daily basis! Yes, I lurk, but I am here! I would also (since I am coming out of being anonymous lurker) love to know more on how you are doing in addition to the adorable stories about the children!!! Your hash-tags allude to so much more!


Anonymous said...

I lurk here often......just saying. Sorry your sick and tired!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vodka! I read every single one of your posts and I think you are awesome and amazing. I love your honesty, candidness and sarcasm. I am a single mom with two children in grade school so I completely relate to the cray cray! Love you! Please don't ever stop blogging! Susanne from Ohio

Anonymous said...

I read all the time too! Love your stories. I don't have kids and I don't teach but you, and kids, make me laugh.
I live in Des Moines, adopted home of Gabby Douglas! I don't know her but she seems like a doll and the entire town is oh so proud of her!

Keep writing please...and why do you pay support. Jerk.

TerraD said...

Ah, the zip line! One of my kindergartners tried that exact thing last week and was unsuccessful - landed flat on his back. Thankfully, he didn't get hurt, but I doubt he'll try that any time soon. Now I must peruse your class to see if I've had Poppy!

Anonymous said...

I love your funny stories about the kids. I really want to buy "I drink your bookshelf", but it is only available on Kindle, I guess. Which is too bad, because if it was on itunes you can count me in, and then your lazy-ass husband can get his cut too.

How long do you have to pay him?

I think that if he wants to take your money he should at LEAST be mowing your law for you, and taking out the gargage and....

Steph said...

Wow! what a girl! You will enjoy her this year. I come here most days because I love your writing. I have an email address but can't figure out how to input it like I do at other blogs (such as mama bird diaries). Please reply and let me know how if I don't use a google account. Wishing you much peace and love.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Excellent start to the school year! Can't wait to get to know the characters in your new class.

Sammi said...

Vodka I love your posts, sorry that the world has gotten you down and you have to pay support, but golden boy is worth the hardship. I hope your year is amazing with lots of fun kids and an even better group of teachers and support staff.

Dramamama said...

I decided to start at the beginning and read your blog in quasi-chronological order. Therefore I am more current on your posts from a year ago than a few days ago.

MANDI said...

A little late to the party but wanted to let you know that I read every single post. Maybe not every day, but at least every few days to catch up.

Anne said...

I'm still reading Vodka... Can you believe I don't start school until tomorrow? Crazy, and I can't wait. ~For the record, I HATE the dumb type test to post comments... I swear I can't ever read what they want me to type.

Devya Agarwal said...

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