My new SECRET, secret weapon. (aka Why didn't I think of this for Goodness' sake?)

Teachers  - and young ladies - thinking of ways to keep a young man's attention?

I have stumbled upon the sure fire answer!!!!

Lego Jewelry!!!  It's as if they were hypnotized!!!

Well, I didn't wear these shoes, of course, but that's only because I have seriously damaged my sciatic (the fall on the mountain???) and can barely walk as it is.  But if I COULD??? I totally, totally would.

I am telling you this- I had those boys eating out of the PALM of my hand for a week.  A WEEK.

I think we MUST conduct a survey.  Girls- when heading out for a night on the town, PLEASE try the lego earrings.  They worked for ME last week on a lovely date with a very nice gentleman.

He could NOT take my eyes off me.  (Well, my earrings perhaps, but nonetheless...of course mine were white with DIAMONDS glued onto the corners. And they were dazzling, to be sure.)

Please report all research data to me poste haste - I feel a research grant is right around the corner...


Gigi said...

That is sheer genius! Guaranteed to keep the young men enthralled. And, apparently, the grown men....

Japolina said...

So funny, yet you may attract very, very young men.

Brian Miller said...

yep, my boys will probably want to get them for T...haha...they love legos

Anonymous said...

Holy hannah, these are great!!!!! Definitely passing it on!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Very cool! I'm digging the earrings.

Scope said...

I'm 100% sure the Lego earrings had little to do with him not being able to take his eyes off of you.

And here is where I make an "Erector Set" joke and mention a "play date". :-)

Glad to hear there are some good things happening to you this fall.

SkylersDad said...

He couldn't keep his eyes off of you because you are gorgeous, not because of any Lego stuff.

(note to dating guys: keep a Lego in your pocket jut in case you get this opportunity to use a cheesy comment about seeing if you "fit together")
Don't blame me when you go down in flames...

SanH said...

At least I know I would keep my 6 year old son's attention, so I might try them.

Cora said...

I think my eight year old nephew would mug me if I wore Lego anything.

Vodka Mom said...

I can't tell you how funny it was to have the little ones staring. But when my date saw them (I met him after school) his eyes lit up! It made me smile.

And guys- thanks for the props. Thanks, thanks, THANKS for the props.


Marissa said...

Your million dollar idea...the Lego bustier. If you thought earrings kept his attention, wait til you mix some cleavage in the equation.

Not to wear while teaching class, of course....

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