The (crazy) Walk of Life....just make it count.

I spent a lot of time today in my car.

Sure, I have a new hip, I'm packing and preparing for a MOVE, AND I have a column due, but when your child calls you in a panic you drop everything and go.

That's what moms do.

But while I was (carefully) driving, I heard this song.  It resonated, and reminded me about how we walk our particular path in life.  Do you walk your path with happiness in your heart?  Do you remember that each day is a gift? Are you thankful for all the gifts that you have? Do you refuse to give waste time with ugly emotions?  (I try.  I really try....)

I hope that you do.  I know that I wake up each day thankful for what I have.  I try to remember that each left turn is a challenge and a gift all wrapped up together.

And I am so thankful that Mr. Darcy, who is thus far STILL a prince, has the same particular view on life.   Why waste a minute on anything negative?

Why, indeed.

Enjoy......and remember, walk YOUR walk.   And enjoy every single minute.....


Unknown said...

hope everything works out.
I played the video for my husband but only gave him a couple notes and made him try and give me the name of the song.
Thanks for the memories.

Brian Miller said...

thanks VM
needed that tonight.

really rough day
and trying to see
the light.

Sue said...

I love Dire Straits. I have all their songs on my iPod and loved the video. Its such a feel good song. I try my best to see each day for all the good it holds. When something really good or great happens, I always say a quick "thanks God" to myself. You are SO right, there is NO time for the ugly. Kids, no matter how old they get, we will always drop everything to help. I hope that spankin' new hip is working out and I'm thrilled and I'm even more thrilled that Mr. Darcy is STILL a prince!

Take care my friend. . .

Japolina said...

You are a great mom!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great reminder to live positively in the now. Have a great day!

Sheila said...

My mom loved that song and I think of her when I hear it. What you say SO true...we have much to be greatful for.
Remember...a positive attitude may not help you to accomplish more but it will annoy enough people to make it worth your effort!

Cora said...

Oooooh! GREAT song! I can't believe I don't have this sucker on my ipod. YET.

CSY said...

Thank you for this. After the day I had yesterday with Ryan - I needed to be reminded that there are positive things around me (even if I CAN'T see them right away) and his condition could be MUCH worse.