I might have to start wearing my mustache, especially to field hockey games.

I’ve spent 8 years of my life immersed in field hockey.

It was a sport I never thought I’d be involved in (“Oh no, my daughter won’t play field hockey!  She plays soccer!”)  but it’s one I’ve embraced with incredible enthusiasm and admiration.  

I’ve driven to schools in the middle of nowhere to watch high school games; traveled through raging snowstorms in the winter during indoor club field hockey; been a part of the booster clubs and parents organizations for any team of which she’s been a member.

And I’ve loved every single minute.

Sassy’s a strong competitor, and even though I’m her mother I’ve tried to remain objective.  (Who doesn’t think their girl kicks @$$??)

I was shocked when she told me she wanted to go to the college she chose.  We had gone under the assumption that she would go with another D-1 school that had been recruiting her for several years.  I was wrong.

“Mom.  THIS is where I feel good.  In my heart, this is where I know I’m supposed to go to school and where I want to play field hockey.” I listened and knew that I had to allow her to follow her heart.  It wasn’t easy.

And now, as she knocks on the door of her senior year, I am verklempt.     

She has blossomed and grown under the supervision of a hard-working, ethical and talented coach, and her loyal and hard working staff.  She has enjoyed three years of hard work, very intense training and intense playing with a group of girls who have high moral standards and equally high academic standards.  She's worked very hard to keep up on every level, even on those days when the battle is all uphill.

I couldn’t be more proud, and sad at the same time.

Several weeks ago we celebrated the efforts of the talented senior girls on the team, and as the parent of a rising senior it was emotional on many levels.  Oh sure, I was preparing for surgery that day, but I watched it online with just as much emotion as if I had been there myself.  (And you know what?  Mr. Darcy made the trip to represent.  THAT is no surprise, is it?)

We bid farewell to an amazing group, but there is one talented young lady that I want to send a virtual hug to today.

To our darling Jen…who not ONLY owns all kinds of scoring records for the college and awards from the conference, but has done it with grace and humility.

I hugged her after the last game I attended, and told her proud I was.  And what did SHE SAY??

“Thanks, Mrs. Smythe.   And can I say…. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!”


It’s highly overrated. (And apparently hard to come by....)

(Jen?  You're the (wo)man.   :-)    Thanks for holding Sassy's hand... )


Brian Miller said...

hehehe...smiling...hey you are a cool mom, and fun story teller...pretty fun to think who else might be lurking out there as well...

So. Cal. Gal said...

No anonymity? Uhh ohh! ; )

And I'm loving Mr. Darcy more and more every day.

Gigi said...

PLEASE don't tell me that anonymity is impossible. Please!

The thing is, when we have kids we find ourselves doing (and usually enjoying) things we thought we'd never do. Like me, going to football games and actually loving every minute of it.

Formerly known as Frau said...

It's hard to see this come to an end I hope Sassy school she picks is close by and you can still go to her games. Senior year is tough on Mom's too!

SkylersDad said...

It just doesn't seem like that much time could have gone by!

Cora said...

Anonymity? What the heck is THAT? I now have my ex (!!!!) and his wife (!!!!) reading my blog (!!!!) and complaining (!!!!) to legal personnel (!!!!) whenever I post something that isn't suitable for their toddlers to overhear (!!!!).


But anyway....

Have I ever told you how much joy it has brought me to watch your girls grow and blossom throughout the years on your blog? No? Well, it has. You've done well, Mama! :-)

Roshni AaMom said...

So very cool!! And, so very proud of Sassy!!