Make sure you check EVERY single page. (aka teaching the human body by mistake....)

When I moved into this new classroom over the summer, I managed to take as many things as I could from my old classroom.  I took the things that I had purchased with my own money over the years (which was close to about five BILLION dollars) and some things that were gifts. 

I left many of the books.  THAT was a mistake, cause guess what?  Most first graders can already READ.   You heard me…they can read.

The other teachers on my team must have known that because they have tubs and tubs of incredible, wonderful books; books that the kids read in the morning, during our CAFÉ literacy centers, in their spare time and at the end of the day.  This means, of course, that its important to have a large library available.

With this in mind, I’ve tried to go to the Goodwill, order books with bonus points from Scholastic, and scarf up all the free books that some teachers or parents might put in the freebie pile.  I'm not doing very well in that regard. 

I hit the jackpot yesterday when I walked into the teacher's lounge and I discovered two boxes of almost brand new easy reader books!  I was ecstatic, and quickly scarfed up as many as I could.

I shared them with the class, and made them available during our Read-To-Self time.

We had a few minutes of very quiet Read-To-Self time left, when my little Professor Steven rushed to find me.  “Mrs Smythe, this book doesn’t just teach you about blinking, it teaches you other things about the human body!  Look at page 25!  Twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five…” he kept chanting, until I took the book from him. 

As I leafed through the book to find page 25, he shouted, “It shows how babies are born!  A lady lays on a table, and the baby comes out of something between her LEGS called a  VA-gi-na! Or something like that…”

Oh sweet Cheezus......

(Yep.   I’m still waiting for my phone to ring…..)


Gigi said...

Oh my! Yup, I'd be expecting a phone call any minute now....

I'll start saving those box tops ASAP!

Brian Miller said...

oh my...i dont even know what to say....

booksandcandy said...

Ha ha ha
I read diary of a fly the other day and the students started saying "hey that's the worm in our other book." I went with it and told them yes there is diary of a fly, a worm and then I goofed I combined my words. worm and spider went together and I said Sp*rm (sorry don't want your blog to be spammed) OOPS!
Do you have a wish list at Barnes and Noble or Amazon? I would love to donate some books to you! From one teacher to another

Sarah said...

DUDE! That almost matches my "Ms. Arr, what's a herma frow date?"

Me: Excuse me?

"Herma fradite?"

Me: EXCUSE ME? What are you reading?

Seventh Grade Boy: "This news article, and what's a HERMA-phrodite?"

ME (realizing he's pronouncing hermaphrodite with the emphasis on the wrong syllable): OH! OOOOOH! Oooooh boy. Well ...

The story ends that I taught a seventh grade CATHOLIC class of sports players about how some humans are born with BOTH sexual organs. The pre-emptive conversation I had with the seventh grade homeroom teacher led her to reply "Well, I'm glad it was you and not me."

I knew my public health educator degree would come in handy ONE day. Never thought that'd be a 7th grade WRITING class, though.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Um. Oops?! ;)

Marissa said...

I can hook you up with some box tops--I know I have some in the house right now (the niece was collecting them but is in a higher grade now).
I'll DM you for your address--work or home--so I can mail them.

Consider starting an amazon wish list with books (your fans might buy them)...and if you use swagbucks to search online you can cash them in for amazon gift cards. Useful for books AND good snacks. Also bought TP the other day cheap on there. I'm non-spon by either but should be by both!

And...friends of the library sales? Not sure how many kids books they have, but I know my parents always load up on other books at cheap prices at those.

Marissa said...

Also, take it from someone who has been on the college student budget for way too long...a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs make a ton of different meals, plus you still get your protein.

Vodka Mom said...

I DO have a wish list on Amazon!! Just email me, anyone, and I'll tell you the name it's under!

SanH said...

Uppsss... well if you receive a phone call at least it will be blog fodder right?

SanH said...

Uppsss... well if you receive a phone call at least it will be blog fodder right?

SanH said...

Uppsss... well if you receive a phone call at least it will be blog fodder right?

SanH said...

Uppsss... well if you receive a phone call at least it will be blog fodder right?

SanH said...

Uppsss... well if you receive a phone call at least it will be blog fodder right?

Dawn said...

Oh dear lord. At least mine was just saying it. :)

The Girl Next Door said...

Another laugh out loud moment...oops. I remember listening to my twins (boy girl) talk in the car while he explained why he needed to wear a cup for sports and she didn't. He was maybe 8? And quite knowledgeable. I said, "Nice job honey. So where did you learn all that?" Answer: "The big book of knowledge we got for our birthday [from a dr. friend]" Yes I RUSHED home to see just what exactly was in there! Fortunately, nothing quite a graphic as your book! Whew!

notme said...

oh dear Lord....makes me think of Frank!

Linda M. said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just last week I had a kid bring up a paperback copy of Aesop's Fables, telling me there was a bad word in it. Really? Aesop's Fables? Well....know what the OTHER name for donkey is? Yep, there was a tale about an ass..... Geez! Maybe I'll accidentally rip that page out....

Cora said...

Oh dear.

Did the phone ring yet?

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