Sometimes the dog and pony show needs a rest.

It’s a tough challenge, being in the classroom with 20 six year-olds.  Oh it’s glorious, to be sure, but the task of keeping them challenged, learning and engaged is not an easy one. 
I try very hard to keep all of our important educational standards embedded in most of what we do, but I always try to remember how old they are, and that things are sometimes easier to learn when using a “spoonful of sugar.” 

And some days, I’m just disausted. 

Today for our Café Literacy stations, I was using an engaging (or so I thought) story about a boy named “The Black Tooth Pirate”.  We read the story and talked about the events of the book.  I then pulled out the conveniently attached after-reading assignment.

The children were supposed to complete a story map of the book.  This was not complicated, but a bit time consuming.  

Max was not pleased.

“Mrs. Smythe, I’ve decided that this really is NOT a fun activity! What is it, anyways?”

“It’s called learning.  Now, get to work and try to enjoy it.”

(It can’t all be glitter and unicorns.)


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm pretty sure you meant to say you were disausted. ;-)

You really need to stop writing posts that make me miss my job. I can usually count on the other teacher blogs I read to remind me how glad I am I left. Then I come over here, and get teary-eyed cuz I miss the babies. Stop it already!


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

You are doing a great job, Vodka Mom!

Mike said...

The worst part about school was doing assignments! lol

Marissa said...

It says something about your teaching that Max expects the whole day to be fun--but a dose of reality is good for him, too. He might not be as lucky next year! (I can see him telling the next teacher, "You don't make it fun like Mrs. Smythe does")

Anne said...

Go visit this link for a smile to end a long day.


Unknown said...

Yeah, Max!! It ain't!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the quote shared in the beginning. So true. I love that I am hearing that quote more and more lately!

SkylersDad said...

Funny, my boss says "Now, get to work and try to enjoy it.” about 5 times a day.