It's just one of those things that sisters do, isn't it? (Well, besides pulling their hair...)

Dear Bitchy,

You’ve done many incredible things for your little sister over the years.

Not long after Sassy was born you bit her on the leg so hard that they heard her blood-curdling screams in the next county.  The fact that you bit her because she wouldn’t STOP screaming after we brought her home was ironically not funny.

You colored her blue from head to toe with a permanent marker I had in my teacher bag.  She resembled a smurf for weeks, and while you thought it was comical we did not.

You gave her chicken pox, a disastrous haircut, your hand-me-down clothes, coats, shoes and purses.  She stole your jewelry, new clothes, sweatshirts and pocket change. She’s rescued you from situations, and you’ve done the same.

You’ve pulled each other’s hair, held each other down and had incredible screaming and fighting matches that we could have made a TON of money on if only we had known about You-tube.  

You’ve held each other in times of trouble, supported and loved each other without question, and spoken on the phone daily for the last three years. You’ve reminded me about why I love my own sister so much, and it brings me great joy.

But when you offered to hold Sassy’s hair if she throws-up tonight after the bar-tour you’ve planned for her 21st birthday, you went above and beyond the call of duty.

Now, if only I hadn’t heard that little tidbit.  (Cheezus, I’ve got enough to worry about in the middle of the night.)

Sassy’s 21?  Buckle up, everyone. It’s going to be a bumpy night. 


S said...

oh god...

That Janie Girl said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Sue said...

Good luck with tonight! It's bittersweet when they turn 21, but also kind of nice when they can sit down and have a drink with you!

Take care,

Brian Miller said...

well that adds a whole new element to the game...smiles...

head to toe in blue marker....that is awesome....i mean, terrible, terrible...smiles

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sassy's 21!?!? Gulp.

Try to get some rest. her big sis will look out for her.

xo jj

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love it.....sister are the best and the worst. I have four and many scares physical and emotional but I love them and would do almost anything for them. Happy Birthday Sassy!

Japolina said...

So sweet. My boys are in the throws of brotherly hate right now. I only hope that they offer to help with drunken vomiting some day.

steph said...

Hope she had a great birthday! Oh how we moms worry! Cheers:)

Scope said...

Don't worry Momma, since she just turned 21, this will be her first taste of alcohol, and she probably will swear off the stuff, and just have cranberry juice and pretend there is vodka in there.

I mean, that's what you would have done at her age, right?

Ooops, that last line probably wasn't helping, was it? I'm taking mine to go out for her 4th driving lesson in a cemetery while my eyes are still dilated from the opthamologist, so no need to sic Karma on me.

Now, if only I can get one of these captchas to work with blurry vision!

SkylersDad said...

Holding someones hair while they puke is the definition of true love!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to your dear Sassy. I hope she doesn't need Bitchy to hold her hair...but well, that's what sisters/girlfriends are for!

Krystal said...

I wish my sister held my hair for me when I went on my first drinking outing (It wasn't until I turned 29 that I had an all night drink fest)...that is love and you've raised them well.

Heck, atleast she didn't tell Sassy that she wasn't part of the family and she was found in a Wendy's dumpster...mine did.

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