That was NOT one of the spelling words...

At 9:30 a.m. on our science walk around the playground...

"Mrs Smythe,  Jayhan called me a bitch..."

"No!  Brian called ME a bitch first!!"

"But YOU said BITCH to ME!!"

Oh Good Lord, this is going to be a long, long day......

(And it was.....)


Marissa said...

"Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Happy"
I'm a bitch and proud of it!

Brian Miller said...

can they spell it though?

Gigi said...

They always know the naughty words. They may not know what they mean, but they always know them.

Krystal said...

Somehow one of my children has picked up on every curse word in the dictionary and uses them in context. turn red every time he just blurts them out.

Not my proudest mommy moment.

josetteplank.com said...

Bah hah hah!!!!!!!

Sorry...but I can just feel how long that day was for you. :-)

Japolina said...

Ha! I guess it could have been a much worse word!

I blogged about my pta experience today. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. If they started the day like that I can't imagine where it went from there.

Scope said...

Thanks for reminding me, a certain coworker comes back to work on Monday.

viridian said...

Why does someone always need to be first? Many children's arguments go this way, don't you think?

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