We're a melting pot. (And it tickles.)

We were greeting our new student from Morocco today, and as luck would have it, most of my ESL children were sitting next to each other.

As each child greeted Amira, I gave a bit of background information each time.

“Amira, this is Sally and she’s from Mexico!” (And they said good morning to each other.)

“This is Paul, and he’s from India!”  (And they said good morning to each other.)

“This is Grace and she’s from Germany!” (And they said good morning to each other.)

“This is Mark and he’s from Russia!” (And they said good morning to each other.)

And for the next child I said, “This is Marly and she’s from Turkey!” (And they said good morning to each other.)

Max stood up and put his hand up to me, “It’s okay, Mrs. Smythe, I got this!” he said smiling.  

He turned to Amira, held out his hand and said,  “My name is Max, and I’m part Baltimore.”

He walked back to sit in the circle and then turned back to her.  He said dramatically, “But only PART Baltimore. Just part.”

Whew.  I was worried for a minute.  


A Speckled Trout said...

I crazy love Max...........every single time.

Mrs4444 said...

I was wondering where that was going... :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Max did it again!

Then there is the other "Where did I come from . . ." question (that parents fumble with) - of course, the part Baltimore is the answer that Max is looking for there too!

a regular reader

Unknown said...

So funny .. so I'm wondering what the non Baltimore part is?!
Just found your site and am loving it. Need to grab some me time to catch up on your posts. Thanks for the laugh.
Adrienne Kerman
Mints in my Mother's Purse

Unknown said...

Just imagine the chaos if he was 100% pure Baltimore! :P
So cool that you have such a variety of countries in your class!

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