I can take a hint. (Even if it hits the ceiling...)

My best friend’s name is Sheila.  Her daughter and Bitchy are ALSO best friends.  (Which is very convenient.) 

I stopped at her house tonight on my way home from an important visit I’ll tell you about soon…perhaps tomorrow...when I have the energy.

We sat at her kitchen counter sharing a cocktail and stories about our week. I needed someone to talk to, and her husband was conveniently out of town.  We both needed to vent AND laugh, and there was plenty of both.

She was opening a bottle of Grey Goose when I started talking about Mr. Darcy and our plans for the week.  She had taken the metal wrapping off the extremely large bottle, and threw it in the garbage compactor.  I was talking about how much I cared for him, and how amazing he was when she turned to me and smiled.  I said, “You know, even if he ISN’T the one for me….” and at that moment....


The cork from the bottle of vodka popped out of the bottle and hit the ceiling like a BOMB exploding!!!

“HOLY CRAP!!”  we both  exclaimed.  

I looked at her in amazement.  We shook our heads, wide eyed and amazed.

“Vodka,” she said, “You know that I’m not superstitious in any way.  And, do you know how MANY bottles of grey goose I’ve opened in my life? DO YOU KNOW???????”  (since it’s her husband’s favorite refreshment and I couldn’t have possibly guessed, so I shook my head.)

“You have no idea how many.  And never, NEVER has that happened! I think, perhaps, SOMEONE is telling you something!”

I decided to rephrase the statement.

“If, perhaps, he IS the one for me, then I’ll be luckiest, happiest girl in town.”  

(I think, perhaps, my mother is tired of waiting for me to be truly happy, and has decided to take matters into her own hands.  Thank God.)


Mellodee said...

You can't live a life always looking for signs and omens....HOWEVER, when one pops up (pun intended) literally right in front of you, it's time to pay attention! :)


noexcuses said...

Just maybe he is! I hope so, because you so deserve it!

Japolina said...

This is amazing. The Grey Goose is always right!

Scope said...

Grab your happiness by the Grey Goose and refuse to let it go.

Suzie said...

Listen the the vodka it never lies!

Helena Halme said...

He must be the one, Jane Austen says so…I have never, ever had an exploding bottle of vodka, and I'm Finnish and I've written a book about vodka (well not quite). So it must mean something, what is another question. ;-)

SkylersDad said...

He is the one, I can feel it all the way out here!


Gigi said...

Has the Grey Goose, or your mom, EVER been wrong before? Of course not.

Krystal said...

Yes, listen to the Goose. The Goose is never wrong!

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