Call Mel, cause I think it's a Sign....

My sister and her husband (let’s call him … Dave) have weathered a traumatic and horrific storm. 

Many of you know that.

And yet they’ve come through this heartbreak with an amazing outlook on life.  They honor their son’s memory by living each day with gratitude, love, peace and happiness.  Oh sure, some days suck, but for the most part they are reminded that each day is a gift and they treat them as such.  They are fully present each day in the lives of their children, grandson, siblings and friends. They go on excursions and adventures, and try to say “yes” to life.

My sister called me this morning to share a story.

She and Dave (along with their grown children and their spouses) went to New Hampshire several weeks ago for the Nascar race.  They joined the thousands of spectators for a daylong tailgate party that included Frisbee games, football, bar-b-ques, raucous laughter and tons of rowdy redneck fun.
She and Dave decided to take cool off and relax in lawn chairs that were thankfully situated under a tent. They were surprised to be visited by a beautiful yellow butterfly.  It continued to flutter around them as if begging for attention for quite some time.  In fact, they were convinced that this particularly attentive butterfly must have been a sign sent by their boy who wanted them to know that he had joined the party.

They left New Hampshire the next day, and received a horrible phone call upon their arrival in Mystic.   A young woman who had worked with Dave for several years before moving away had died suddenly of a heart attack a few days earlier.  They were stunned and saddened by the news, and talked about all that she had been through in her short life.  She had worked closely with Dave’s team while at his company, and he continued to be someone that she reached out to when she needed advice and guidance.

Then Dave remembered something... and shared with my sister what he and his team had always called her.

“She was our little butterfly.” 


Brian Miller said...


noexcuses said...

Chills...yet so comforting. I believe in signs; I get them frequently. Thanks for sharing.

Lucia said...

i believe in signs too that gave me shivers...may she rest in peace another angel in heaven.

One crazed mommy said...

Oh wow - I just teared up! So sorry to hear about your BIL's loss, but the butterfly sign is amazing!! The other day I was walking into the grocery store with my kids when a huge Luna Moth (yes in broad daylight) landed on my pantleg and would not get off. My kids thought it was a hoot and a half and told the whole parking lot and store about it! My first thought was that I had just been visited by a loved one - I lost my brother 25 years ago in an auto accident, and I like to think it was him just saying hi and showing that he's still with me! :)

Sue said...

Thank you for your words today. They are truly beautiful. . .

Take care,

Gigi said...

Oh wow. Would you believe that the post I read right before this one was about a butterfly and the fact the writer was convinced it was her father that she'd recently lost?

jamie said...


Please check out my brand new blog! I am new to this and I am unsure how to get people to read it- I check 50 times a day and I became excited when I saw People had been looking at it on the stats- and then I realized it was just me:( I am a middle school gifted language arts teacher- so your stories are right up my alley!

SkylersDad said...

Oh wow... goose flesh here.

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