She will SO be on stage someday.....

Oh come on, how could I POSSIBLY stay mad today when I was greeted by this...

"No, Mrs. Smythe, these are NOT socks.  They are special sings you wear to keep your SHOES clean."  

I'm just glad she didn't tell me they were her Grandma's.  (I'm doubly glad I didn't wear MINE today.)

And yes, this time I did have to turn away and muffle my laugh.  There were no two ways about it.


Kacee said...

I'm trying so hard to survive my first year of teaching first grade. Thank you for helping me see the good in it.

noexcuses said...

Love it! Bet your day went well!

Gigi said...

I am dying over here! That sight would brighten ANYONE'S day!

Anonymous said...

I have some of those sings in my bureau that she could borrow if she runs out. It is always good to have a good muffled laugh. Especially on a Friday.
Hope this new fella knows what a good person he has in you! Sally

Linda M. said...

So glad to. Hear today was better. I have had days where it was too difficult to even cry--either I had nothing left or I feared once I started I would never stop!!
Love your tags, and hope it is a fabulous weekend... And that we get a peak of it later 😊

Linda M. said...

And I hate typing on a virtual keyboard... Sorry for the mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought there wasn't a special occasion left to wear those 'sings' anymore -

We better watch out, this is how trends start, (smiling).
regular reader

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