How to end a bit......

I have two darling characters in my class whose names are Jack and Noah.  They both have some special challenges, but they are kindred spirits and best, best buddies.

They are lovable, enthusiastic, happy and charming.  While they are in the room sporadically each day, they always bring excitement and smiles with them.

I had the kids on the carpet at the end of the day, outlining all that we would be doing tomorrow to celebrate the 100th day of school.  Jack stood up quickly, raised his hand and shouted, “Can I go to da bafroom??”

“Sure! Be quick!”  I said to him. 

Noah jumped up and said, “Me, TOO!” 

“No, you have to wait, Noah. You wait for Jack to come back.” 

“No, that’s okay,” Jack said, “he’s just gonna watch.”

“Uh, that would be a no.”

I never really know HOW the day will end…


Steph said...

Thanks for the laugh on this cold morning!

Vodka Logic said...

Love it, love it.. you have the best stories.
I am glad I am back and reading blogs again.

SkylersDad said...

I don't know how you keep from busting out laughing every day!

Anonymous said...

Just gotta love 6 year olds...

Gigi said...

Well now...I didn't see THAT one coming!

Congrats to Bitchy!

Brian Miller said...

ha. errr....thats about right for that age...and in hs, what they do in the bathroom....we dont want to talk about...ha

Mocadeaux said...

Hooray for Bitchy! And hooray for Jack and Noah who have found a true buddy in one another.

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