How to spin straw into gold. (Using words...)

As a writer, I'm always thrilled when the kids respond enthusiastically to our lessons in writer's workshop.  It's hard work finding and  planting those seeds of enthusiasm and curiosity in the minds and hearts of six-year olds.

But when they grab ahold of a lesson, or an idea and they work like little writing machines, I can barely contain myself!  I pop around the room gushing over their talent and passing out hugs like there's no tomorrow.

And then, more than once in a while, I stumble on gold.

Yesterday my intern did a wonderful lesson on similies.  We performed a puppet show, brainstormed things like "quiet as a cricket" and "sharp as a tack", she read a story and assigned them the task of coming up with their OWN similies...

Jack took the ball and ran....all the way down the field....

Hard as a rock???   TOUCHDOWN!!   (Cue the confetti....)

(Don't forget the giveaway.  It's a thousand BUCKS, people...)


Unknown said...

Wow - it starts that young? LMHO

Lorraine said...

I saw this earlier on Facebook at work (where I'm supposed to be quiet as a mouse and busy as a bee)- of course when I clicked on the link the Barracuda filter got me which made me mad as a hornet so I had to wait until I got home where I'm free as a bird to get to your blog and say that I'm glad that Jack hasn't grasped compound similies and because he could have been hard as a rock and stiff as a board!

Lorraine said...

How did that "and" get in there?

Marissa said...

"Hi people!!!"

Kristi said...

Clickety clicking for ya!

Steph said...

Wow, those are great writing lessons for your sweet students! He "rocks":)

Lynn said...

Here as always. Faithful as a puppy and clickity clicking. It's those strange things I have to copy to prove I'm not a robot that cause my comments to be few and far between. I understand the reasons for it however.

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