Red rover, red rover, please knock this block right OVER.

This is what I've been battling for weeks and weeks.  

 I'm losing.


Brian Miller said...

its a myth.
if you stop believing in it...it will go away. just start typing about something, doesnt have to be serious writing...just let it go...and i bet you find something.

Marissa said...

Change up where you write and your beverage. Have you tried going somewhere where you can people watch and writing about what you observe?

That Janie Girl said...

Love you, heifer.

Sara J. Henry said...

Listen to the block - it may be telling you something. Tend to whatever that is before trying to push through. (You can only push through so many brick walls before getting awfully battered and having to heal.) Email me.

Unknown said...

Ok - let's try Mother, may I......
I'll be the Mother - you MAY take a break now and then!

G. B. Miller said...

Even if you do something simple as write a blog post or even a lengthy status update on FB, or even just doing something free form on a scrap of paper on your computer.

Unknown said...

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