Oh, Frodo...I finally get it. (I just hope that Smeagol doesn't bite my finger off....)

I’ve always loved The Lord of the Rings.  I read the trilogy years ago when I was a 21 year-old college graduate and I discovered the books in an old used-book store in downtown San Diego.  

I would take the bus downtown and wander through the store, exploring every dusty nook and cranny.  It was in half of an old, fantastic building, and the books were tucked in shelves of various shape and size, packed tightly like a book hoarders paradise.  

I stumbled upon the books and they called my name.  I bought them, tucked them in my backpack and rode the bus home.  For days afterwards, I ate them up like Middleswarth bar-be-que potato chips, savoring every word and every page. 

And, like some do with The Godfather, I often feel compelled to compare life’s challenges to those faced by Frodo, and his trusty Sam. 

I embarked on my own journey some years ago, embraced and wrapped in love by so many friends.  

Like the Fellowship, they surrounded me and walked beside me for many, many days. 

And then, right on cue, I ran away from the battle and hunkered down in my own lair to heal my wounds, and to gain the strength I knew I would need for the final walk; the walk towards the end of the journey. 

I don’t think I realized until now how incredibly hard it is to search for strength when you have used up so very much of it. 

It’s been three and half years.   I’m just about spent. 

But then, my trusty Sam has come and lifted me in her arms. She walked me towards the finish line.  She found an amazing lawyer who won’t charge me a billion dollars to finish this up, who is furious that it has lasted this long, and who is amazing.  My Sam took me by the hand, shared my story, reminded me and the lawyer that I’ve been too damn nice and woke me up.

At then end of the meeting my new champion looked me in the eye.

“Do you see that?” she asked emphatically, pointing to an imaginary spot on the wall, “THAT is the finish line.  You just give me your hand, cause I’m going to take you across it.”

I looked at my trusty Sam with tears of gratitude in my eyes.    She smiled.  “Buckle up.  It’s the end of the ride.”

I pray that she is right. 


Japolina said...

Great. I knew that there would be a lawyer who would help. There are some of us who are good people~!

Scope said...

Yes, a good lawyer can make ALL the difference. We had a good one (minus the whole, "charge you a billion dollars" bit, sadly) when Cora and I took her ex to court.

Glad you can see the finish line. The judge should allow you to kick him (the ex, not the judge) in the nutz one time for all he's put you through.

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Yes, you were too damn nice. Thank goodness for that wonderful attorney who wasn't having any of THAT. I was lucky to have a wonderful court-appointed attorney to guide me through the whole child-support minefield and got my kids what they were due. There ARE good people everywhere!

I just had to share this old post from my daughter's blog--pictures of OUR favorite bookstore:


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Cora said...

I have seen the difference a good lawyer--one who knows what she/he is doing and who sees you as a person, not a paycheck!--can make. It is time to cross that finish line. And it is time to stop being nice (seriously, WHY do we do THAT?!).

Go get 'em!

Gigi said...

Yay for the good lawyer! Time to finish this.

#1Nana said...

Finally! It's been a hell of a journey. I'm so happy that you are finally nearing resolution.
Sunny skies ahead!

Marissa said...

Halle fucking loo ya!!!!!