Some days you just have to trust life....and that ain't always easy.....

I held my breath, trusting that life would work itself out.  I sat on the bench this morning, surrounded by the familiar smells that languished in the halls of the musty, old courthouse.  It smelled vaguely of old worn leather, of decaying files, dashed hopes and dreams, desperation and resignation. The smells wrapped around me like an old memory that lingers in your heart; one that taps on your door until you slowly open it.

I cautiously allowed the memory to enter and saw myself as a young girl following my father through a courthouse.   He held my hand and his briefcase as he made his way from one office to another.  He was always friendly and kind, and many would stop to shake his hand or share a story.  I thought then that he was a handsome and happy man, but this day offers the reality that he must have carried many heavy burdens in that worn,leather briefcase of his.
I was waiting for my own lawyer as I watched several attorneys carry their large briefcases up and down the hall, followed by clients who looked anxious, afraid and stoic as they tried to keep up.   Those attorneys are charged with holding their clients precious future in their hands, and that is a heavy burden indeed.

I walked out of the courthouse a bit later with a heavy heart knowing that my journey was going to be delayed a few more months, but quickly reminded myself about how lucky I was indeed.  Although the circumstances were painful, my choice to leave law school and a career as an attorney to pursue a career in education has given me so many thousands of incredibly happy days.  Days that are not wrapped in the scent of old leather and dashed dreams, but of bubble gum, cotton candy, happiness and great expectation.

Sure, I carry a person’s future in my hands for a year or so, but my clients are three feet tall, five years-old and are usually happy, giggling, naïve, joyful and thrilled at what life has to offer.  I take their hand, and with a smile on my face I turn their faces towards the sun.  


SkylersDad said...

Knowing you the little bit a person can know without actually meeting face to face, I think that your choice was a grand one.

You touch lives and mold them, and give them love.

Gigi said...

Though the decision may have been hard - I think you made the right one. Those little people need you. And you are the perfect one to teach them and set them on their journey.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

YOU make the world a better place!

Anonymous said...

Send this to the American Bar Association. I think good attorneys know this but it would not hurt to remind them. P. S. The hydrangeas are blooming and should continue for 8 weeks.

Mrs. E said...

Love this!! And aren't we glad we do what we do?!

#1Nana said...

A few more months??? It would have been nice to start summer vacation with that burden lifted, but have fun anyway. New adventures await...

Marissa said...

Sigh...I came on here looking for some woohoo news...but you did choose the correct career. You wouldn't have been able to blog about Frank the client like you can Frank the kid-and we need all the chuckles you provide us!

(Plus if I sent boxtops to attorneys I would be told I was crazy, not awesim!)

Anonymous said...


Vodka - Sounds like you chose the right career for sure! - Awe the innocence of a child - not to skilled yet at manipulation at the adult level - thank goodness.

I love children also and know that I would much rather be around them then spend my career at the courthouse. I know the smell you speak about and could have almost been certified as an Attorney after my 38 different days in court over 3 years. I too never thought it would end .... But it did ---- the legal powers to be will eventually get sick of seeing your files too and your Attorneys briefcase will begin to rip at the seams ---although my Attorney started using crates and a hand truck and it eventually expanded into 2 hand trucks (not kidding).

Sending peace while you wait and continue to enjoy the heart of a child!

Anonymous said...

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