Fruit, Fancy, Fish, Fire, Fries, Football....there are a MILLION to choose from.

Today in my guided reading group we were talking about the letter F.  We were brainstorming all the words that begin with the F sound.

I turned to Kayla and asked, “What begins with the fff sound,” using the sound instead of the letter name.  

“FIRE!” she shouted at me, even though I was ten inches away.   I wrote it on the little white board I was holding up and then turned to Steven and asked HIM the same question. 

He shouted with even more enthusiasm, “FISH!”   I wrote that word and turned to Bella with the same question.

“FEET!”  she responded happily.  I wrote the word and turned to Stanley repeating the SAME question.

He thought for a moment.  Then said matter-of-factly, “Did you know that boys pee standing up because then have a PENIS, and girls pee sitting down because they have a vagina?”  

I looked at him for a moment.  “Well,” I said, “I’m pretty sure none of those words begin with an “f”, so you’re gonna have to try again.”

He thought for a moment.  Then he smiled and shouted, “Forrester!”


I’m thinking of teaching the course, “Mastering the Art of the Straight Face.”  Only really, it takes years to master that particular skill.


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing. I just got home from work and after a long day, I loved your post! I hope all is well with you my friend. . .

Take care,

Steph said...

I'm so jealous of your humorous work environment:) Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about your knee replacement. Wishing you peace, love, and healing.

Anonymous said...

You dodged one that time. I do think that some of this is payback from some of your antics in Jr. High. I have said it once and I will say it again: THe world needs more educators who bring your attitude of humor and joy to their profession. Your post makes me very grateful to all the of the teachers my children had over the years. Love and Peace old friend. I would sign my name BUT ( this should not surprise you) I can not remember my password to my account so I have post as Anonymous.

Nancy @ Sincerely and Sarcastically said...

Haha! I love kids but they scare me sometimes with the way they think.. As for "F" Words.. Friday is my second favorite "F" word..

Anonymous said...

Um, I should hope we don't pee out of our vaginas. Some should tell that boy that girl parts on the outside are called a vulva. I doubt most adults even know that. Everyone calls the vulva a vagina now.

Courtney R. said...

When my son was 3 we were playing with a Dora the Explorer app on the iPad. He would trace each letter and shape and then I would ask him to tell me another word that started with that letter. It was a great idea until we reached the letter F. With that tiny, sweet voice he said "F**K...F**K starts with F, right momma?" I paused only slightly before saying in my calmest voice - that's RIGHT buddy..but that's a bad word we don't use in this house, so let's not say it again - ok? He apologized and I forgave him because he honestly didn't know...a few snuggles later and we were finishing the alphabet. But I'll NEVER forget as long as I live :)

Anonymous said...

That you can do that with a straight face absolutely astounds me. you amaze me.

Anonymous said...

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