If you hate to laugh.....this book is NOT for you!!!

Here's a small (reminder) taste of Frank......

Lesson nine
We were working in literacy centers today when I heard Frank’s thundering voice from across the room. It’s a daily occurrence. He was trying to redirect one of the children in his group to a task that wasn’t really PART of the center. A case of the confused leading the even more confused.
I quietly left my own group to walk over and try to right a sinking ship.
“Frank, please remember that Frank worries about Frank, and Suzy worries about Suzy. I, on the other hand, worry about everyone.”
“What did you say?” I asked, knowing immediately I shouldn’t have asked.
“I thaid crap. Cause I thpilled thome things!”
“Frank. You do NOT say crap in school or to the teacher. You never ‘crap’ the teacher. Do you understand that?” I said convincingly. Or so I thought.
Shrugging his shoulders, he nodded. I walked away and heard him knock over the box containing the one thousand Mr. Potato Head pieces and turned to see them scatter across the floor.
“CRAP!” he shouted, and then looked at me.
I looked and then quickly turned away. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to ignore the crap.

Lesson learned: Crap is not on our “must spell” list.

If you HATE to laugh, do NOT buy "The Book of Frank" here.    


ChiTown Girl said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

I new prince charming?!?!?!

Sister, you better start spilling some details pretty soon!!


Scope said...

I'm hosting "Cyber Monday" again this year over at SCOPE-TECH. Just post something, anything, on Monday, December 1, and then post a link over on my blog.

Last year was a great way to reconnect with bloggers that had started to fade away.

Won't you play along?

If your blog is dead, but you want to just send me a blurb, I'll post it on Scope-Tech.


Anonymous said...

So everytime you have major surgery you get a prince charming? I might need to try that - wait, my husband is my prince sometimes not so charming.

Unknown said...

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