Somebody Pinch Me.


Frankly, it would have been amazing if it hadn't cost me 245 THOUSAND DOLLARS......  (Almost HALF MY RETIREMENT...)

What a great guy.  

Lesson Learned?  Teach your daughters to THINK before they marry.......Think very, very hard.....


Japolina said...

Wtf..245k. So sorry but so happy that you're finally rid of him. Xoxo

J-Berg said...


Anonymous said...

Yippee for you! Does he have to get a job now? Your advice is so true! Onward and Upward, my dear! :) Many hugs! Nana

Lucia said...

What a leech, your better off...sorry. did he treat his mother this poorly? I've often been told the way they treat their mother is the way they will treat you. I hope the rest of your years are easy sailing.

Anonymous said...

Now that it's all over, I'd love to see a blog post with some more information on how it was possible for him to drag his feet, be unemployes and rake you over the coals. What an absolute disgrace. I hope you blog more, we miss you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Congratulations...at least it is over:(

Gigi said...

The money part truly sucks but I am over the moon to hear that this particular hurdle is behind you.

Scope said...

I hope he's feeling real manly about that.

But, now he's history. And today is the Back to the Future day, so, let's go with the bright future.

Cora said...

Hoo boy! When I was splitting up with my ex and he was maxing out my credit card and wiping out my bank account behind my back and letting himself into my apartment when I wasn't home and stealing all my food out of the fridge, etc, I had to keep reminding myself it was only money. Only money. Just measly, smelly, stupid money. And money was much less important than my child's and my safety and happiness.


I'm so happy for you that you are no longer shackled to that bratty little boy. (No, I will not call him a man. Men do not behave the way he has through all of this.) You're FINALLY FREE!!!!

((((HAPPY HUGS))))

Tikeetha said...

Dang! I'm happy my soon to be ex is poor too because there is no way we would do that.

G. B. Miller said...

Something sounds very wrong in that he gets $245K of your hard earned pension.

Congrats just the same. May he get perpetually audited by the IRS.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Holy Crap!!!!!
I thought I heard the angels singing.
So very, very happy for it to finally be over, VM.
xoxo jj

#1Nana said...

Whatever it cost, it's worth it. You're FREE!!!! Wishing you all the best as you move on unencumbered.

Catherine said...

You got three beautiful children out of the deal, and a great deal of wisdom.

Yes, assets are split down the middle. The earlier you do a divorce, the better off you are if you are accruing a pension since the more you accrue, the more the half is. Not to mention if assets are being accrued. My friend left her ex their house to offset the pension, and had she moved sooner, she'd have had even less of the pension lost since he also got the new car. By the time the assets were split, car value was down, pension value was up, house value was down. So he got a bigger chunk of the pension. So it works when it's the female who is the stay at home spouse. More typical that way, but equal right is paving the way for change.

jwg said...

I hope to hell he has to pay taxes on it!

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