Sometimes a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.....(aka GET TO WORK.)

I apologize for neglecting this space, but I’ve been incredibly distracted by a whole room full of Franks.  (And Francine’s….truth be told.)

After lunch I gathered the children on the carpet to try to place them at various math centers.  This ALONE took me about 15 minutes and I’m not even in KINDERGARTEN.

I was sitting on the rocking chair placing the last couple of cherubs at the iPad center when I felt a tap on my arm.  I turned to the Jack who has scooted his chair away from the parent table to get my attention.

“Pssst, hey, Ms. Smythe…” he said while shaking his head and pointing his finger to the table, “You KNOW I don’t like this stuff!”

“What?” I asked.

He shook his head sadly, “This math stuff; you know I don’t like it.”

"Well, sometimes neither do I, but today we are BOTH going to do it. Now turn around and get to work."

And with that, he made this Monday worth it.


jwg said...

Do they hand pick them just for you? Or are you just incredibly lucky.

Sue said...

It was nice to read your post! I've missed them, probably because like everyone else I've been busy! I hope all is well with you and life is treating you well.

Take care,

affordable papers said...

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Joanna Jenkins said...

This is going to be a great group to read about!
Hang in their VM!
xo jj

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