Yep, THOSE were the days....

The Christmas Letters- Part One...

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. I just don’t believe it!  The older I get, the faster time flies.  One unfortunate thing about getting older is the whole memory loss issue.  Of course, as many of you know, my memory was never good.  This puts me at quite a disadvantage in the getting older relay race.  However, I will try very hard to retrieve some of the more exciting events of this past year. 

The good news is - we made it through the year without any arrests, or any late night phone calls from any parents regarding strange adventures during sleepovers. (We’ll just leave it at that.)  Bitchy is 18, and can’t wait to go far, far away to college. We just laugh because, frankly, she’ll be lucky if we can afford Empire Beauty School.  She is very excited, however, to be going to college, and there are many days that I offer to pack her bags myself.  She is working at Wegmans, and we are thrilled that she pays for her own gas and Starbucks. (It’s not a good sign when all the employees at Starbucks know her name and what she orders…)  But, I do admit that life with a girl who is 18 is MUCH, MUCH better than life with a girl at 15.  Speaking of a girl at 15, Sassy has given new meaning to the phrase “screaming lunatic.”  We are not looking forward to reliving the last 3 years.  (Ha)  But, the good news is, she is kicking butt in field hockey.  She’ll continue to play indoor during the winter, which we hope will keep her focused, and in the gym instead of here at home terrorizing her family. (We really do love them, you know.)

The Golden Boy is 9, and again loved playing football. Not so much the practices, the running, or the conditioning, but loved the games.   They finally put him on the offensive line, a position we knew he was born to play.  He’s still a little depressed right now, however, because last week his sisters held him down and told him there was no Santa.  (Yes, football players cry.)  We are just furious, and if we thought we could get away with it we would cancel Christmas for those two grinches!  (Someday when he is 6’3 and holding them down, they’ll be sorry, right Bobby?)

I am having a blast writing a monthly column for the local paper, and am trying to keep up with an accompanying blog.  I still love teaching kindergarten, but am very exhausted at the end of the day, mostly from laughing, but also from keeping 20 six year olds from hurting each other and eating strange things off the carpet.   

We continue to pray for Kathy, Bruce, AnnaBelle and David, as they try to find their way through this time of such terrible sorrow.  We also send prayers to our cousin Tim as he wages his own battle with cancer.  Yep, we thank God every day for His blessings, and pray He is keeping our departed loved ones close at hand.

Well, as always, peace and love to you all –

The Vodka family....


Gigi said...

*big sigh of relief* So you figured out what was wrong with the blog then?

Those were the days and I'm sure the letter you can write now is much, much different.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

Kristi said...

Merry Christmas! I would love to hear what your family is up to this year.

Frogs in my formula said...

Peace and love to you too!

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